Friday, December 21, 2007

Slapping my Inner Princess

After many posts about positive thinking and powerful behaviour, I woke up this morning to a petulant Inner Princess.
This year I have been working hard at maintenance and had made the comment to a lot of friends that if I could nail the problem I have had with baking, then I could truly say that I have fully completed my journey. You see, every time I would bake, I would pick, troll, lick the beaters and do everything I shouldn't do even before the cakes, cookies etc hit the oven. Over the past few years, I've tried many different counters to combat the situation. Telling myself "no trolling for food" didn't sink in.
This had been bothering me as I could see that I had been dabbling in plain bad behaviour and the "I can't control this" attitude was creeping in. Of course I could "control it". I just needed a different cue.
Inspiration came to me in the form of a sentence. "Don't eat standing up". The penny had dropped. I've been so busy this week ensuring that I have been seated when eating and mindful of what I've been eating that I've not wanted to "fail" this particular challenge. So I roadtested the theory with baking. I baked twice yesterday, once in the morning and once in the evening and I am pleased to say I did not touch morsel of anything. I was more interested to see whether the "no standing" theory would work for me and I'm pleased to say that I've found the "missing link" to my own personal puzzle. And on looking in the mirror, it's also had a positive effect. It's only taken me a good two years to work out, so my advice to anyone that feels like giving up on themselves - just keep going!
After yesterday's victory though, my Inner Princess is really challenging me today - telling me that I can let the reins go. I know her well enough now to know that the negative talk is just garbage and that I can deal with her (by sitting on her crown...ouch).
In other updates on me, I did one of Mike's upper body programs this morning and taught "Core". Tomorrow I have a Bodystep/RPM doubler and RPM on Sunday and Monday, so this easier day has done me good!
I also have appointments to get my separation checked out early next year. Until then, life goes on as normal.


Cat said...

Great stuff, well done u for finding the missing piece of the puzzle so to speak.

I can sympathise with the baking thing, this too is my downfall. Lately ive started to tell myself "hey that has raw egg, are you trying to poison yourself", so far so good. Now i just have to stop devouring everything when it comes out of the oven!!!

Lia Halsall said...

*woo hoo* Well done Liz, what a huge accomplishment! I'm proud of you. *big hugs* You never gave up and stuck by the "if at first you don't succeed then try try again" and it payed off. See patience is a virtue. LOL!! Have a fabulous weekend. :o) xx

Kek said...

'Sit down to eat' is one of my favourite rules too. So is 'no eating in the car' .....I can put away an entire family block of chocolate on a 5km trip (I know; it's a special talent). And somehow in my mind, eating while driving doesn't count. It's weird how our minds work.

Raechelle said...

Yep-figuring out what works is always a super accomplishment-and it feels great to defeat the demons! Well done!

Antigone said...

Good on you :)
I really needed this post having one of those days!
And i am shocking for sneaking a lick here or there when i bake so i reckon i will just have to give this a go :)
Have a great weekend and enjoy your classes :)