Monday, December 31, 2007

2008, I'm ready!

I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year and successful 2008.
I love the beginning of the New Year for the realm of possibilities it presents. I love making plans and even better, following through on them!
Right now, I'm gathering my thoughts about a few things -
a) when to have the repair surgery done (I am thinking winter as you do need to wear a compression garment for a good few weeks after), plus I want to be fully fit to help everyone backstage in the April/May comps.
b) whether I should consider a comp pre surgery - this will depend of course on the surgeon and other things - so no true commitment there yet.
c) Inspired by some of the other bloggers around here, I'd like to write a book...any takers?
d) Taking my RPM a little further, doing Proinstructor and hopefully getting more involved mentoring other instructors.
Ah, decisions! Right now an evening of eating curry and imbibing sparkling water awaits ;)
Before I depart, I'd like to thank all of my Blog readers and fellow Bloggers for all of your encouragement and support this year. I hope 2008 is wonderful for all.


Raechelle said...

Have a great New Year LIZ! Can't wait for the book!

Antigone said...

I reckon a book is a fantastic goal hun i can't wait to read it :)
Happy new year hun :)

Lia Halsall said...

Any takers, what for exactly Liz? :o)

RaeC said...

Happy New Year Liz!! Would love to hear more about what the book is about and why you need "takers" :o)

I hope 2008 is a fantastic one for you xxx

jodie said...

Hi Liz
Happy New Year!! I hope 2008 is wondeful for you. Thank you for your help and advice. I think writing a book is an awesome idea!! All the best.

Cat said...

Happy New Year to you and your family

Ursula Beck said...

Happy New Year, I hope '08 is a great year for you.... yeah what's the any takes mean with your book?

Nic said...

Hi Liz,

I hope you have a fantastic 2008.

Once I get settled in Brisbane I will be in will be nice to say hello face to face.

Have fun,

tiny donna said...

hi liz,

happy new year!

i can't wait to work with you come late jan!! :)

in regards to your surgery, can i ask what it is? i just had a breast reduction and my compression bra was suprisingly refreshing on those hot summer days as it kept everything where it should be and no sweating. hehe

good luck in 08 and i would be an avid reader of any book you publish, thats for sure!!! :D

tiny donna said...

liz, can i quiz you something? i had a question come to mind!

my surgeon said i can start exercising as of next week again but my incision lines have not fully healed up yet so i am hesitant to "sweat" too much in fear of getting an infection, also, i can't lift anything for another 2 weeks, so when is the right time to exercise again at the gym - ie: spinning and weights and yoga etc... i am walking at the moment daily but i can't wait to go back to RPM but i doubt i could do the standing up tracks and i don't want to overdo it...

any ideas? :)

LizN said...

Thanks everyone!

Donna, I've emailed you - re recovery ;)

Liz N