Sunday, December 23, 2007

Yearly wrap up and Christmas Greetings to all

I don't think I'm going to have another chance to post before Christmas, so I thought I'd do a quick yearly wrap up of 2007. I must mention Combatgirl, who has inspired the "what 2007 has meant to me" post - Thanks, Miss Combat.
If I had to sum up the year, 2007 has been one of tremendous personal growth, starting with the five months I had in Woop Woop before we moved back here. Living there taught me that I can put up with a lot more than I think.
In Woop Woop, the idea of developing myself as a fitness and lifestyle coach started to emerge and I officially began my website, The Fitness Solution, in April/May. This coincided with our move back to Brisbane, where I got straight back into my Group Fitness job at Fitness First, considered personal training and helped the kids adapt to yet another move.
My other goal was not to compete and learn to maintain my weight after such a big weight loss. The biggest thing I have solidified in my mind is that you cannot out exercise poor nutrition. Living lean means eating well most of the time for me (and 99% of the general population). My weight has stayed fairly stable all year :)
I got to try out new training techniques and methodologies thanks to Mike Robertson and I got a great look into the world of powerlifting, thanks to Lisa S.
I had the opportunity to enjoy two fantastic bodybuilding shows as Shannon C's coach. I think I almost enjoyed cheering Shannon on more than I enjoyed competing myself, it was a lot of fun - every time I see a packet of jelly snakes, I think of her!
It was great to be involved in the launching of Fitness First "Core" and to continue teaching RPM and Bodystep. Even though Group Fitness pays peanuts, it has taught me so much about what motivates and encourages others and myself - priceless really.
Hmm, what else - have been blessed to have unfailing support from DH and the girls (who help me with my RPM choreo and know the words to all the songs) and friendship from both my real life friends and internet mates. Thank you very much.
Finally, to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and blessings for the New Year ahead. I chose this photo of the baby Jesus because babies represent so much about the future - the dreams, the hopes and possibilities that we all have. Plus I never cease to marvel at the sheer perfection of a new born.
See you after Christmas!


Hilary said...

Happy Christmas Liz! Hope you have a wonderful day relaxing with family and friends.

Hilary xx

Raechelle said...

Wow-sounds like a great year-and going into 2008 so positive! Looking forward to following it all!
Cheers-happy Christmas & New Year!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family and i hope you all have a wonderful and happy New Year.


leslie said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you via your weblog this year. Here's to a rockin' 2008 for both of us!
Hugs to you...

Ali said...

great post Liz, Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and new Year!!

Ali xxx

Selina said...

That's a gorgeous pic. Hope you and your family have a very happy Christmas

Carolyn said...

Merry Christmas Liz! I love your wrap up of the year, especially your quote that "you can't out exercise poor nutrition". I have been really thinking about this lately - it really struck a chord when I read it. I used to think that I could, but it's so true that I can't (maybe others can, but not me). Thank you for that - I am taking into 2008 as one of my new quotes to ponder on!
It will be great to meet you in May!
Have a great Christmas,

Antigone said...

Merry Christmas hun :)

Combat Girl said...

HI Liz,

Well you had also had one of those years of learning and growing. Thats awesome.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas.
Love Combat Girl

Lisa said...

It was a great year..and I am so pleased we took part of the journey together.