Sunday, December 30, 2007

Thai Harder?

Don't you just love this Thai Green Curry of Veggies?

DH and I have decided to do a Thai inspired New Year's Eve bash - he thought of having family around and I thought that instead of the usual BBQ fare, that Thai would be fun. We are in the middle of making:
Massaman Lamb Curry
Thai Green Curry of Chicken and Holy Basil
Red Curry of Pumpkin and Eggplant
Various appetizers
DH has gone on a bit of a cooking bender and taken over the kitchen. I don't know whether that's a good thing or not, judging by the number of cans of coconut milk that are being used in our concoctions :)

I am taking care of dessert but going more Canadian and making a Saskatchewan style Bumbleberry Crumble. I fell in love with Saskatchewan pie when I lived there :), just not Saskatchewan itself.

I've had a day off training today. I'm continuing the "slug" theme!


Raechelle said...

Wow! That'll be quite the spread-sounds like allot of work too-so maybe it's good he's taken over (unless he's a messy cook like many men I know LOL!)
Have a great New Year!

Hilary said...

Sounds like you've got a wonderful night planned Liz, hope you have a great time!

Hope 2008 is everything you wish for!

Hilary xx

Anonymous said...

Good on you Liz...

That looks absolutley delish, I am a lover of Thai, enjoy your night!

Where do you get all of these recipes?

Cheers Jools