Monday, December 03, 2007

Experiments with my new blender

I have been lucky enough to score myself a new blender (Breville IKON) thanks my credit card rewards points (see not all credit cards are the work of the Devil!) and today I took it for my first test run with a variation of a Precision Nutrition Super Shake.
Here's what I had for breakfast this morning:
1 cup skim milk
1 scoop Ladybird Whey
1 banana (medium sized)
1-2 cups ice cubes
1 tsp peanut butter
I whizzed all of this together and had a beautiful banana smoothie - it made nearly 800ml of smoothie so I had no excuse to be hungry...yum.
I had Thai Satay burgers wrapped in Mountain Bread with salad for lunch
chicken mince tray 500g
1 large onion
3 slices Wonder White hi fibre bread
2 serves Taylors Thai Satay
1 egg.
Makes 8 burgers.
Then it was the old family favourite, meatloaf -with a twist. I did a semidried tomato and mustard crust for the top. This adds a lot of taste and few calories. That really helped me feel like I was eating "grown up" food. I served this with baby potatoes and steamed veggies.
My snacks today included some Easiyo yoghurt mixed with apple puree, rice cakes with spreadable tuna, cottage cheese and vegetables and a couple of juicy nectarines. I've just finished my day with a Diet Fruche (passionfruit flavoured).
People ask me from time to time what I eat - it varies every day - I think it really helps to make the effort to eat different food. That way your palate never gets bored!
Training today: Teach RPM and run easy 10 minutes (had a bit of a warm up pre RPM)


little rene said...

Yum! What a great menu of delicious food!

I agree wholeheartedly about the key being variety. If I am lazy and don't prepare nice food for lunch at work danger bells start ringing for that day!

I would love to se your recipe for the meatloaf if you get a chance. It sounds like a hubby friendly meal :)

Hilary said...

I love shiny new toys! Your shake sounds yummy! I agree credit cards are not all bad when they come with rewards points - I have just ordered a Navman with some of our points :) Cant wait to get it!

Might have to try your Thai Satay burgers, they sound good.

Hilary xx

Raechelle said...

That shake sounds tasty and filling-I'm going to give it a go!
Thanks for the recipe!

Sam D-M said...

mmmm mmm you always have some interesting creations, you must like being in the kitchen :-) I wish I did! LOL