Friday, December 07, 2007

All about the husband (for Kristy)

My DH and I met in 1985, when we were in Year 11. We both went to single sex schools and I met him at his Semi Formal - he was there with another girl :) Anyway to cut a long story short, we became great friends and used to catch the same bus home from school - much of our friendship revolved around joking about nearly everything that was fair game. We started dating in Year 12 and our first year of University , then the wheels fell off and we didn't see each other for about six years.

I had a few spooky premonitions about him though over the years - I had a sudden flash out of nowhere years after we'd called it quits that we'd end up getting married and I had a very vivid dream that he had left his Big 4 City job and had moved to a coastal location, after a holiday in Sydney - all of which was true.

One night when I was the ripe old age of 23, I got a phone call from DH out of the blue - he had been flipping through his address book, seen my number and called to see what I was doing. He travelled to Brisbane from Bundaberg and we spent hours catching up and again became very good friends. In the meantime I had planned a working holiday in Canada and was pretty oblivious in the excitement of going away that poor DH had feelings for me. He told me as I was leaving and I had to tell him that "I just wanted to be friends" (apparently the death knell to a lovesick male he tells me).

I went to Canada and got a great job doing personal training for the very rich and famous in Vancouver and a few months later got a fax from him on my birthday stating, "Happy Birthday! By the way I'm coming to Canada for a holiday, can you meet me at the airport?"

To say I was stunned was the understatement of the century but life carried on as usual until I went to our Company Retreat at a spa in Whistler. My very French boss and I were arguing about "When Harry Met Sally" - one of my favourite movies - he insisted that guys and girls could not be just friends, whilst I was furiously pushing the other alternative. When I got back to my room that night, I thought about DH and thought "that man has the qualities of someone I want to marry, not just go out with".

Then it was a rather nervous wait to see what would happen - would DH just want to be friends or something else? I had to housesit my flatmate's cat whilst she went home to see her family and invited DH to come and stay - he was staying at the Youth Hostel and I wanted to save him some dollars. I told him that there was only one bed, that I was happy roughing it on the floor and then we both came to the conclusion that we were such good mates it wouldn't bother either of us. Except it did - after hours of tossing and turning I tapped DH on the shoulder and said "I'm so sorry if I'm keeping you awake" - he then turned over and kissed me. I said "thank goodness" and promptly fell asleep. We've been together ever since.

We got married in 1996 and we have definitely had our ups and downs. I have now had DH in my life longer than I've been without him. We are polar opposites in many respects - he hates the gym and has never been to RPM in his life. He can eat what he likes and it's not unusual for him to polish off an entire block of chocolate in one sitting. He has these gorgeous wide shoulders and reminds me of an Olympic swimmer. What holds us together so well is we are always finding something to laugh about - our latest thing is the email that's been going around about learning Chinese in 5 minutes - he keeps bellowing out "kum hiaaa" and I keep saying "fukin suppaaaaah".


Kristy said...

Thank you Liz, that is a really beautiful story and absolutley amazing. Your partner went round the world to see you and I think that is lovely. Your story and Magda's gives me hope that there are still genuine caring guys out there and that my ex just wasn't right for me.

Thank you again Liz it was beautiful to read your story. There are always ups and downs, but if someone is speacial I believe you can always work through them.

Thank you again...

Kristy :)

Dianna Broeren said...

What an awesome story!

RaeC said...

What a gorgeous story... it gives us single girls hope LOL!! Have a great weekend gorgeous xxx

Batty F said...

*sniff* that is very cute.

Antigone said...

Ahhhh so sweet :)
Your DH sounds like mine, Simon eats anything he wants without any consequence! It sucks great for him annoying for me LOL

Java said...

Aaaah, so glad I popped over and caught this one. Myself and my hubby was almost the same, we met were friends, didn't see each for a few months and when we ran into each again it was like Oih, I missed you in my life.
I love that Chinese e-mail, I have it somewhere on my blog too since last year, it's just soooo funny isn't it!
Happy weekend my dear friend.

Hilary said...

What a lovely story Liz!

Hilary xx