Thursday, December 20, 2007

More from my couch

I regularly receive email about this blog and of course email from clients. I'd like to share some of my philosophies with some questions and answers.

Why do I have to work so hard? Such and such a person is doing this and getting 'x' results!

Firstly, I want to ask you who you are taking the journey for - yourself or "such and such"? The truth is that everyone's realities when it comes to health and fitness are different. I have to work hard to stay healthy and maintain my weight, so does Craig Harper, yet you don't hear either of us bitching about how "hard it is". We just accept it, deal with it and do the best we can. I have other clients with extremely robust metabolisms but poor thought processes surrounding them. The key is accepting and understanding YOUR REALITY right now. Work with what you've got RIGHT NOW and start accentuating the positive (see below). Live your journey for YOU.

Why can't I eat just for the sheer pleasure of it?

Hell, I'm not stopping you!. It's called a "planned indulgence" - yes, that's right, something that you eat just because it tastes good. Life is too short to eat crappy food. Life is also too short to eat yourself comatose having a "free day". The only freedom I see is freedom from common sense.

"You made me keep a log and it triggered me to overeat."

Must have been a powerful piece of paper! I've never known anything inert to trigger certain behaviours. My advice: take responsibility for what you did and try to work out the situation that triggered it. If you still come back to a sheet of paper or a spreadsheet, you need a thicker skin, Tiger.

PS - many studies have shown that keeping a food log to be extremely beneficial with long term weight control.

"You eat perfectly all the time, but I can't over this time of year"

Hello, staying well isn't about being perfect all the time. It's about being consistent. Try substituting your can't with won't and re read the statement. Again, it's all about choice. It's commendable to be intuitive with your eating and being more aware of oneself. But it doesn't do you any good having no modicum of character and discipline in your life. Allowing yourself to "eat intuitively" does not mean "I can shovel heaps of poor quality crap down the old pie hole just because I feel like it". There are other overriding factors such as overall health and well being that factor in. Loving yourself and being intuitive sometimes means saying "no".

PS - I am far from perfect, but I'm pretty consistent.

"Isn't 'eating clean' just a pretty name for another diet?"

Depends how you define "diet". If you're talking caloric restriction, I'm in the "no" camp. Eating clean aka eating healthfully and staying away from highly processed stuff is beneficial to health and sporting/life performance.

"yeah, but" and "I can't"

This means a) I have an excuse for everything and b) I won't.

PS - I never saw this couch jumping episode but if I saw my kids doing this, I'd throttle em :)


Lia Halsall said...

Bravo! Bravo! I love this post, well done! :o) xx

Cat said...

Great post Liz :)

Antigone said...

I hate her and never saw the couch jumping thing but like you if my child was doing that i would throttle them too LOL
And i may hate her but i love you and your words of wisdom :)
Great post hun :)

Michelle said...

You're on fire!

Shiniami said...

AWESOME post!!

i love it;)

have a great Christmas

Ali xxx

RaeC said...

I am loving your posts hon... looks like we might have a female Craig Harper in da house ;o)

Love ya xxx

Lisa said...

ditto.....I might show this to my friends who keep asking me the same types of questions.


Kek said...

I left a comment yesterday but my internet connection had a hissy fit, thanks to a major thunderstorm and my comment went "poof!". :( Anyways....what I said was something like:

The "I can't because..." excuses really peeve me. BFL inspirational champ Julie Whitt summed that up when she said If you say you can't do it, then you don't WANT to do it. It's as simple as that.

Julie knew what she was talking about - she had a debilitating lung disease, but that never stopped her. She exercised in whatever way she could every day, often toting an oxygen cylinder on wheels behind her. And illness, injury or adversity don't prevent you from eating well, do they?

Nice post, Coach!

And that Tom Cruise is such a dick!

Raechelle said...

Kudos for sure!

Shar said...

Hate to admit it but am guilty of some of those!!
All will change, slowley but surely :)
great post
Shar x

Selina said...

Amen to that! Great post Liz, I need to remind myself of a few of those at times too :)

PS: The Amy Bento Hi/Low Extreme DVD is awesome!! I usually pick up the choreography quick, but this is hard! I hate not being able to master something, so this is a great challenge!!!
I haven't tried the Cathe one yet, that's a chrissy present :)