Saturday, December 15, 2007

McMoney, Deep Fried Cheese and a Hangover (not mine)

You can just look at the title of this post and know that it's going to be a beauty! It follows on from the theme of "Christmas Madness" very nicely.

Last night, we went to DH's Christmas get together, which I was told was "drinks and dinner" at Alchemy on the Brisbane River. I was rather looking forward to a nice three course dinner (and a Diet Coke, as I have an allergy to alcohol - it makes me extremely ill if I ingest it, even in cooked meals- that is another story). I met DH there a little late and it appeared to me that they had already eaten plenty of appetizers (except for deep fried cheese that I tried with much reluctance - I was starving). Well our little group, sans me, drank and drank and drank. Apart from being completely disillusioned watching everyone drink themselves silly, I was beginning to wonder by 8pm whether we were actually going to eat or not. By 8.30pm I told DH that I had to leave and find something to eat. DH agreed and we decided to go to "Char Char Cha" which apparently cooks some of the best steaks in Australia.

I don't eat steak often, but every now and again I really love to eat a steak. We ordered and were chatting when, suddenly DH sits up straight, calls the waitress and cancels his order, telling me he suddenly felt sick. I did likewise and on leaving, I begin to realize that DH had drunk too much - out into the fresh air we went and I raced off to McDonalds and had a burger - it was 9.30pm and I was desperate!

We then got back to the parking lot to pay for the parking and nearly fell over when the parking total was $40.00. Then I started to get mad - I had just paid $44.00 for a McDonalds dinner and had a less than stellar evening with DH! DH started moaning about "why do these evenings always happen to us" - in my cranky state, I said "don't say us, say me".

I drove home and dropped off DH, who was profusely apologetic (I have only seen DH get drunk twice) , and then drove another 40 minute round trip to pick up the kids who were at the Outlaws house.

I came home to DH throwing up and generally being unhappy but I was so tired and cranky by this stage, I just wanted to eat and go to bed. So cornflakes and milk it was followed by the solemn resolution that Christmas parties revolving around drinking and blotto company rather than fine food and friendship are no longer on my agenda.

On a more positive note, I taught my beloved RPM HiPerformance this morning and got to ride with two mates, Miss S and Miss N (whose names I have abbreviated, in case after this morning's ride have had enough of me ;) ). Absolutely caned the living daylights out of myself and enjoyed a post RPM Diet Coke, water and Sumo Salad.

Needless to say, I went home after my workout and chit chat feeling like balance had been restored to the Force


Anonymous said...

Great post, and honest which is always refreshing from those of us in the health and fitness industry. But I bet it's one that you'd rather not repeat.

I'm with you on the not attending functions that revolve solely around alcohol consumption, it's not my scene either Liz. I would rather turn down an invitation then sit through an evening like that.

I hope you have a better weekend though. :o)

Lia xx

Anonymous said...

Silly Season strikes again. Im with u on the its not fun having to watch everyone else get drunk thing. Im not a big drinker and never c the point in getting drunk, i like to be in control.

Thats a crazy amount for ur parking, goodness i would have had a fit. At least you got to burn your burger off at RPM this morning.

Hope the rest of ur weekend is fun!

Magda said...

Hi Liz,

Did I read correct "Diet Coke"??!! I thought I was the only "Diet Coke Sinner" :-)

What a crappy evening. I feel for you. I HATE McDonalds. So to have to resort to one of those burgers is BAD news.



PS Will email you abot my training soon. I've been out of the office a lot in the last few days.

RaeC said...

Oh... my... word!! Would it help to know I am laughing myself silly in empathy and not at you???

I've got to say in all seriousness though... that was highly irresponsible of DH's work to let their employees drink for so long without giving them food. The fact that you have only seen DH drunk twice is testament to how much of a mistake it was not feeding everyone sooner.

But look on the bright side... you won't have to punish DH, the hangover will do a good job of that. I am beginning to think DH lived up to the initials of his name at the work function... I was picturing you calling him DH, but think short name for Richard and Head... LOL!! Bless his little cotton socks though that it is such a rare occurrence and you will be able to get plenty of mileage out of this little adventure Liz.

Thank you for the great laugh... have a great weekend xxx

Raechelle said...

Ooooo-what an awful night out! I feel for you....lesson learned though, right? LOL!
Hope the rest of your weekend is pleasant-I suppose after last night-It could only be better!