Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Madness

That time of year again when it seems like everyone goes mad with parties, functions, shopping and the like, only to pack out the gym in January! Actually numbers in classes have been quite positive - maybe not as many as usual but it is nice to see people looking after themselves and having a quick ride, run or session with the weights.
I forgot to mention all of the school break up parties which obviously have more impact if you have more children. Miss G finished today and big sis will finish on Friday. School break ups mean "bring a plate" - Miss G requested banana cake and Miss S asked for poppy seed cake - I will be surprised if her classmates take to all those little black seeds.
Taught RPM this morning and gave it a good smack. Off to parents-in-law for dinner. Seriously I will be glad to go hide under my little rock post Christmas.


Java said...

Oh tell me about it and then because my daughter is leaving Primary school we had Grad concerts and Grad dinners too. Hubby's new and old job have x-mas/end of year functions this coming weekend so we're gonna be busy like mad.
How are you going? Made a decision yet?

Ali said...

I too just loved the story about you and your hubby :)

what an awesome story and what makes it better is it's factual, have a great weekend and I'll be under that rock as well after Xams :)

RaeC said...

You are not alone Liz!! I am looking forward to the end of the silly season too... and now I know why they call it that!! Walking through town after work yesterday there were drunken office workers everywhere after their office parties all wandering the streets looking for the next place to get their next drink. I just about sprinted through... LOL!! Every single function centre had people hanging from the balconies.

Christmas shopping for the non-perishable items has now been completed and it will just be the vege's (and a lot of them) closer to the day.

Have a great weekend xxx