Monday, December 10, 2007

RPM weekend!

I've had a rather busy weekend teaching RPM. I taught RPM Hi Performance (which Fitness First describes as a "one hour monster") on Saturday morning and then regular RPM yesterday afternoon - I taught RPM this morning and went for a run as well. I'm also teaching RPM on Wednesday (just for something different!)

It's little wonder that all of this cardio has found me extremely ravenous today. I've polished off a 500g bag of stirfry veggies already today in addition to all of my regular treats and will probably add another bag tonight!

OFf for another visit to the physio tomorrow - the clicky knee is slowly improving and we are doing more stability work and trying a magnet to help activate TA more. She has also been doing some research into diastasis repair and core stability, so I'm looking forward to more answers tomorrow.

Not much else to report. I'm tied up with Christmas preparations and this week should be head down, butt up!


Anonymous said...

Gosh girl, u are such an inspiration. I think i would collapse with all those RPM's!

I meant to leave a comment the other day but forgot oopsy. Its about ur diastasis repair and not being able to train. I recently had to have surgery, full laparotomy and i had been a competitive swimmer. I havent been allowed into the water all year and it has been frustrating but the surgery has given me a certain amount of quality of life back. I guess what im trying to say is do whatever is best for you. My surgery has given me a chance to refocus and i now want to come back as an open water competitor and pool swim coach. Go for the surgery if it will help quality of life and make sure that is guaranteed. You are clearly very fit so your body will heal and recover well.

Good luck at the physios

Antigone said...

Good luck with your christmas shopping and prep :)
You are the RPM queen hun!
Have a great week :)

Sam D-M said...

Hey Liz,

This is my last week of teaching RPM :-( I will however be a regular on the floor with the members!!! Don't ya just love the last track...Africa.... I find that song so motivational, really enjoy teaching it!


Kek said...

I just want to let you know that my legs were TRASHED this morning. Thank you (and Coach Troy) sooooo much!!

I can't wait for Thursday. *looks for somewhere to hide*


Splice said...

Hey Liz!
Just checking in on you, hope your knee is getting better.