Wednesday, November 28, 2007

An addendum

I must admit, I like to use the elliptical machine and I don't mind a bit of long distance running either. Just wanted to highlight that strong women are beautiful women.


Kaddy said...

u know on the last post; i am begining to believe that emotional fitness is everything! if you're not empotionally balanced i think that's where ppl end up being so extreme between the goods the bads etc. i honestly believe becoming emotionally fit makes evveryhting else fall in to place; and it tAKes work and it takes acknowledgement; and i guess for most of us it's easier to ignore that stuff; becasue once you admit it you have to do something about it; does that make sense??

am still working on this aspect; but one thing i have learned is you really have to be on to it :)

Kaddy said...

PS loved what john wrote!

redcat said...

Hey, I know a lot of physique people (not you, obviously) have Issues with runners - but I don't take it personally. There's an excellent point lurking under what he's saying re: distance running; I just don't think life's that black and white. And he probably wouldn't like my overgeneralizations about crossfit, himself. (Turnabout being fair play...)