Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Muscles..and best of luck Lissa!

Firstly best of luck to Alissa Carpio who is competing in the National NPC Fitness Championships this year in Dallas. Alissa narrowly missed out on a ProCard last time she did Nationals, may 2007 be her lucky year!
Back to me: today was taken as a "mental health" day and I decided to go dress shopping. Mind you I wasn't after anything glamorous, I was after something a bit more sporty to take me from the gym to the supermarket. Every dress I tried on seemed to accentuate my muscles in a less than flattering light - however when I got to Lorna Jane, I found a nice casual dress and realized that I have gained some muscle over these past few months. I definitely have cyclists quads going on there and I was surprised by how thick my upper body is looking.
I am in the process of taking a little bit of action and reducing my weight by a couple of kilos. I think then I will be able to better assess what my muscles are truly doing.


Lisa said...

Good work LIz,

I can completely sympathise and am starting to avoid anything that show too much skin in the upper body...


Antigone said...

Good luck to Alissa, Nice pic :)

Sounds like you are miking lots of progress hun, Good on you :)

Kek said...

Yay for the muscle gain! Nice work. :)

Funny how some styles just look crap on you when you actually have shoulders. Mine are still a bit puny, but I find that while I can wear halter necks, most strappy tops make me look like a rugby player.

Lissa said...

Thank you sweetie! It wasn't my time yet but I had the most fun in Dallas. :)