Sunday, November 11, 2007

Eating Out

Weekend nearly over and I'm just about to roll into another very busy week ahead. I don't think I have mentioned that DH and I are going to build a house! We bought some land about two years ago which has a view of the city (albeit - it is far away, but still!) and now that we are back in Brisvegas, we've decided the time is right to build.

We have spoken to various designers and the last few weekends have been spent trawling through display villages. We have two homes picked out that may fit the bill, but as our block has a slope, some of these project builders may not be too keen to work with us.

Today we looked at homes from Metricon and Adenbrook and by about house 4, I had already had enough! We decided to go out for lunch and we went to the "Coffee Club". I ordered a Chicken Tandoori Wrap with salad and when my meal came out, I reckon it could have served two for lunch quite easily. As someone who has been brought up to clean my plate, it was initially difficult to immediately request a doggy bag for half of it - but once I had eaten all of the salad and half of the wrap, I was glad I had made the decision.

Which leads me to the issue of how our eyes are bigger than our stomachs and is it part of the human condition that we're lulled into thinking "more is better" and "better get a Value meal" etc. However if we stop for one moment and think - "am I pleasantly satisfied?" half way through a meal, especially like the one I described, the answer will be "yes". I think the "clean plate brigade" have a lot to answer for - I don't know how many times I have cleaned my plate, just because the food was "there", but I'm slowly becoming more discriminating!

Exercise wise, it was double-RPM this weekend, Hi Performance on Saturday morning and my regular Sunday afternoon class. I particularly enjoyed Hi Performance and went in feeling a bit nervous about what expectations members have of a one hour sweatfest - some really want to smash themselves and others are apprehensive - so I really went to town on workload versus recovery - which worked really well.

Today's class was also fun and I got to hang out with a friend who has done her RPM course too. We got a chance to practice our new choreography and I swear that girl is a demon on Track 3~ ouch and double ouch!


Anonymous said...

Society now a days has to learn to give themselves permission to finish eating when they're "pleasantly satisfied" as you put it irrespective of whether they've finished or not. We do this now when we eat out but it took us a while. :o)

Kek said...

I'm very careful NOT to make my kids eat everything on their plates (of course, they always try to get awy with leaving the veggies!). I know how hard it is to break the clean plate habit years down the track.

I really need to tell my parents that my stuffing in all that unwanted food never DID help starving children in Africa...

Splice said...

It's a good thing we don't live in the USA, the portion sizes there are MASSIVE, hence the obesity epidemic.
I would prefer to eat more small meals a day, you feel more comfortable and energetic.

Good luck with your house project, sounds so exciting.


Antigone said...

Hi there Liz :)
You are so right, it is hard to leave something on my plate or to say no to seconds because i feel a form of guilt and that i just have to finish it all, my mum used to drill into me to eat everything on my plate or i will be eating it cold for breakfast hehe not that she ever followed through LOL
Sounds like you are ripping it up in your classes!
Have a great week and good luck with choosing house plans :)