Thursday, November 15, 2007

on men, female only gyms etc

Many posts about men made by women are made out of frustration but today's post is one of gratitude to all the men in the gym that help me reach my training goals. Mike's program currently involves working in the 6 rep range and under and this means starting to lift some very heavy weights. Often I ask a guy who is training at the same time to spot me. All of the guys I have approached to help out have been nothing but courteous and supportive of me in my desire to improve my strength. On the other hand I cannot count on one hand (except for Anne) the females that have spotted me in the gym and have been happy to do so.

Having men in my RPM classes have added another dimension to my training as well. Sometimes I have more men than ladies in my RPM classes and their work ethic is amazing. This was the case with a recent CBD class I taught - once the lights were dimmed it seemed as if we forgot about our differences and focused on the task ahead.

Over the years I have noticed a number of different women's only gyms opening up and whilst I believes it makes the gym accessible to those who are perhaps rather self conscious, I don't think they're really a good idea. Even when I was overweight, the men in the training room were a vocal and steady support throughout my journey - it was "go for it" and "good on you" the whole way. In a female only gym you lose 50% of your potential support base!

I think we women sometimes create our own insecurites. The men in my life are rather uncomplicated. They don't worry about whether you look fat or whether you're good enough -they just want to go to RPM and have a good time. You trained hard? Awesome! You like sport - even better :) - I've had my best Australian Open conversations with my male training buddies.

My two cents worth to any potential gym goer is to embrace what men can offer you when you are training hard - you may just reach your goals that much faster!

To sum up then, today's post is a thank you to all the men I know and don't know who support me in my quest to be the best I can be. Thanks guys :)


Magda said...

What a positive and genuine post about the opposite sex. Usually we are quick to bag them so reading this was like a breath of fresh air.

Cheers Liz


Antigone said...

I cannot agree more :)
I went to a gym that was mostly filled with women with perfet hair and perfect makeu and not a drop of sweat in sight and i felt rather worried about how i looked (red as beach ball usually lol) so i didn't last long at all!
I then went to a rather no frills gym that was populated by men and i felt fantastic i made friends and they helped out when asked and i can't wait to go back there :)
I love your post it's so true :)

RaeC said...

Thank you for this post Liz, it is SO true. I just have to sit on the chest press bench before I've got someone offering to spot, but it's both men and women in our gym considering it's full of athletes from both sexes. And of course now that the Wildcats train there, there is more than enough spotters to go around... I can actually pick and choose... ummmm... eeny, meeny, miny mo, catch a Wildcat by his toe... your turn today... LOL!! A lot of women are intimidated about asking men for help in the gym, but believe me they are not only happy to have women in the gym, but love being asked for their help... it makes them feel useful... LOL!!

Have a great weekend lovey xxx

little rene said...

Great post Liz :)

When I was fit and fabulous B.B.(Before Bump) I trained at a gym run by a male body builder and I LOVED it. I was about the only woman there most of the time because out here women are scared of weights! LOL!

But I too found it great. All of the men were really respectful and lovely to me :)

redcat said...

What a great post, Liz!

It's interesting, there was a thread on a martial arts forum I frequently about the virtue/wisdom of males training/sparring with women; I'm all for it, if for no other reason than that it's more likely that a guy, or at least a bigger person, is going to attack you, so it's best not to shy away from that.

While it's customary to train down to the level of junior belts (i.e., black belts don't beat up white belts because they can, they help them), I've never felt trained down to because I was female. And for that I thank all of my male seniors, teachers, and training partners. Guys, help me make me the best I can be!

Ali said...

I love this post as well and I totally agree, hope you had a great weekend :0

Ali xxx

Ali said...

ow Liz, I would be in heaven if you were able to email me your Mango Chicken Salad with Asian Flavours!!

I love chicken and mango salad and have actually been trying to get it to have an Asian taste, however haven't quite got it right

Andj said...

I hear you completely Liz. before I joined FF I was a member of Fernwood for a while and I hated the atmosphere. There was always an air of "oh I couldn't possibly get up a sweat". Ladies of leisure and all that. Even the classes weren't that energetic. I like having guys around to perv on too.

Nic said...

Hi Liz,

This is so true!


Java said...

Ditto Ditto Ditto.
I don't mind them either, in fact as you say, who's gonna pass things which is high or heavy!
Go boys.

Exams are OVER!! Hope to pop in more often now again.

Ali said...

Hope everything is going along wonderfully for you liz

Ali xxx