Saturday, July 07, 2007

I'm dreaming of summer!

It's still unusually chilly in Brisbane, so I decided to put this summery image up to remind myself that summer is around the corner.
I've had an eventful few days - taught RPM yesterday which was great fun. This was my last week teaching at Toowong on Friday mornings and I'll really miss the crew that do that particular class. The nicest part is having morning tea together afterwards! I ran a lot of errands yesterday afternoon, caught up with everyone yesterday evening and had a great old chat with DH who arrived home after being away for the week in Woop Woop. DH couldn't stop saying that he was so relieved we were not living there anymore and that even going through town gave him really bad indigestion.
This morning I taught RPM again and had the pleasure of Alicia's company in class. It's always so nice to work out with another Figure girl so we were both able to cane it and think about what great hamstrings and glutes we are getting for our efforts! We then had a bit of play in the gym ( I wanted to do a little shoulder work) and then it has been off home to do some laundry, housecleaning and all of that other fun stuff I seem to put off all week.


Sue said...

Love that photo, love that bikini, wish I was there........... Wish I had that body, oops hope to soon anyway.

Kimmy said...

Hi Liz - thanks for popping into my blog. Would love you to email the recipe. is my email.

Thanks heaps Kimmy

RaeC said...

Lordy... I can't believe how long it has been since I visited your blog. Great to see you're all pumped about being back in the big smoke. Absolutely bloody fantastic to see that you're helping out a few of the blog girls too... awesome stuff!! xxx

Ali said...

Won't be long and it will be Summer soon!!! Winter has been a wee bit cold so far hasn't it, this week is a lot milder than last down here.

Love those words to the track you like :)

have a great weekend when it comes around


Magda said...

Me too.. thinking of summer that is!! God it cant come to quickly this year. I just want to strip off and show off my new lean and toned body and soak up the idea of pure heaven :-)

But in the meantime I gotta put in the hard yards to get there.

Love your blog Liz. So positive and inspirational.

Cheers Magda