Monday, July 30, 2007

Horizontal Dominance overtake me!

Yes, that's right - I'm looking forward to some hard earned sleep after giving my RPM class a thrashing and doing some Horizontal Dominance Strength training! It's been a day of program writing and admin - I still have to load up the Spinervals stock and the Ladybird - I told my class this morning what a complete dork I am - I borrowed a book on "Time Management" from the library and didn't even look at it until the day it was due. Of course, I had to go and renew it. Who can guess how many times I have looked at it since?


Kimmy said...

you really made me smile about the book - have a great day - i must go to work :)
Live with PASSION

Hann said...

hey, just catching up on all the missed posts. You sound sooo fit, I can for now only dream of that.
BTW I awarded you! ;-)
p.s. I love the pic of you on the beach.

LizN said...

Hi Kimmy and Hann! Thanks for the award ;)

Liz N