Monday, July 02, 2007


Some signs reflect the absurdity of some people and here is one of them.

Monday is usually my busiest day, this is when I write up everyone's programs for the week and get myself organized. I think having a weekly program landing in your Intray every week has got to be fun - and I enjoy giving people surprises!

Today I taught RPM and did a little extra "shake it up" cardio on the elliptical. I talked to the class about fully committing to and living their ride in the vein of yesterday's post. It was wonderful to see everyone taking up the challenge and giving it their all! It really is the best part about teaching classes. Then it was downstairs for a good post workout meal, a little shopping and straight onto the computer!

Comp prep wise, I was a little disappointed not to lose any scale weight this last week( yes, I'm human just like everyone else), but I am feeling fitter and leaner so I am looking forward to a whoosh any day now. Consistency,not perfection will win this race!


RaeC said...

Loved your last post and I couldn't be more in agreement about enjoying and living every step of the journey. Even the hardships we face on that journey are a blessing because it makes nd shapes us into who we are when we reach our destination (before we decide on the next one!)

Don't stress about the scale weight... it will happen as long as you are consistent, and we know you are!!

Love Rae xxx

Hilary said...

Your classes sound awesome Liz, I'm going to have to get myself to one, very soon!!!

Hilary xx

ms_attitude said...

Hehe, reminds me of Richard Glover's column in last Saturday's Sydney Morning Herald...
"...Our local park now bristles with these signs, disallowing all manner of human activity. On a recent trip I was startled to see that I could neither ride a horse nor land a plane on our local pint-sized field. Naturally, I quickly stabled my steed and taxied the jet back into its hangar - grateful to the ever-vigilant council.

There are now so many warning signs in our neighbourhood it's hard to imagine they are being properly inspected for wear and tear. What's the chance, in the next strong wind, someone will be struck by a falling warning sign? The only answer may be a new warning sign, warning of the dangers posed by the huge number of recently erected warning signs.

But, oh, for a single day in which warnings were not hollered at us from every direction. Maybe, like me, you'd be willing to sign an all-purpose disclaimer.

"The world isn't perfect and, yes, I've been warned."

... I think he states it perfectly!!!


Lisa said...

Oh My gosh!!

I have just read that you are competing this year. Everything happens when I go country for 3 days!
wow - can't wait to see you up there.


Di Broeren said...

That sign is a shocker! Have I missed something - are you competing in October now?

LizN said...

Di and Lisa,
I'm thinking of the ANB Masters Figure. I'm going to need all the time I can get to lean out :)


PS Caroline - I think the SMH article is what prompted me to post this :)

Hann said...

Compete in Apr 2007?? Did I miss it?
(see sidebar).
Hey, I did RPM 26 yesterday, an oldie but our instructor apparently love the music and dig it out again, I'm getting better at it. Did Body Pump today yay ... and my Sport science application was accepted!! Doing the happy dance here!