Friday, July 27, 2007

Exciting Developments

I have decided to add a few more DVDs to the store, namely the Spinervals series. I have had great results with these DVDs - not only have I improved my cycling technique whilst I was in Woop Woop, they also helped me to stay fit and lean.
The DVD above is a fantastic "Virtual Reality" ride through the state of Maryland in the United States and certainly puts back the fun into using a stationary bike. I haven't done this one yet, but cannot wait. It's bringing the holiday home!
What else? I am also stocking Ladybird supplements - so if you are in the market for supplements, please give me a shout. As you all know, I love Women's Whey and it comes in some fantastic flavours - Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, Vanilla Icecream and the like.
However the biggest news is that I am offering some cutting edge technology - genetic testing for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. "Gene Elite" from Excelgene is a cutting edge genetic test that profiles fifteen genes directly associated with fitness, health and nutrition - unlocking your body's metabolic and anabolic characteristics. Because your genetic profile does not change, GeneElite is a once in a lifetime investment that will have lifelong relevancy.
Each gene analysed has several variations(called alleles) and it's the combination of these different allelic variations that define your physiology. You can gain insight into a) Bodyfat metabolism - lipid metabolism/insulin sensitivity; b) Lean Body Mass Development - cardiovascular fitness, muscular health and bone density c) Recovery (antioxidation and inflammation) and d) Nutrition - liver health and detoxification.
It follows hot on the heels of a book by Gina Kolata called "Ultimate Fitness" where she writes about the science of fitness and how some people have major difficulties getting fit or losing fat with certain exercise regimes. Genetic testing can provide insight into this as well as provide pathways for preparation of athletes for their given spot.
I know I must be sounding like an advertisment by now - it's a new tool in our exercise science kit and one that I'm very interested in. I am in the process of testing my own genetic profile. I'll get to find out if I truly recover badly or not (I'm still sore from Tuesday's leg session).
Anyway, I am sure I will have more on these developments as I get into them further! I will be uploading product details to over the weekend.
Big day tomorrow - I'm off to support Lisa in the National Powerlifting Titles tomorrow. I'm so proud of her hard work and discipline - without exception (of course!)

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Kek said...

New Spinervals! Can't wait... *whimpers quietly* Just kidding. :)

The genetic profiling thingie sounds fascinating. I'm off to read up on Gina Kolata now!