Tuesday, July 03, 2007

How to breed eating disorders in Figure Competitors

OK, I'm going a bit psycho here (see pic) when I hear of supposed "experts" that put their clients on ridiculous diets of less than 1000 calories per day, expect them to add lean body mass on such rations and then chastise them for being over fat at the same time. This sort of carry on is rife in the bodybuilding industry and shamefully not the first time I have heard it happen. SEVERE CALORIC RESTRICTION + STRESS + SELF DOUBT (it's hard not to be nervous about wearing next to nothing on stage) + ELIMINATION OF MANY FOOD GROUPS = RECIPE FOR DISASTER. It is really "competitor beware" when choosing a coach. If they cannot come up with a good reason for what they are telling you that is firmly based in science, then it may be time to rethink your trainer.

The most important concern is that if bodybuilding (including figure) are to be taken seriously as a bona fide sport, then we must start treating our competitors as athletes and recommending them to eat like athletes as well. In prepping for a competition there are some changes that need to be made to effectively shed body fat but these aren't any of them.

1) cutting out dairy
2) only eating certain forms of protein
3) extremely low carbohydrate intakes (hello, we use carbohydrates as our main source of fuel - how can we train properly if we don't have some carbohydrate in there)
4) living on protein shakes instead of real food.

It really upsets me to see girls being asked to go on such weird diets and how they blame themselves when they "fall off the wagon" - ever thought it might be the nutrition plan, not the competitor?

Anyway I'm off my perch now.

Here's my intake for the day. How nice is this food?

Meal One: oats, scoop protein powder, skim milk
Meal Two: fruity chicken curry, rice, 2 cups green beans :)
Meal Three: veggie and egg scramble, made using 1 egg and five whites and many different veggies.
Meal Four: Slim Secrets bar (starving!)
Meal Five: Rice cakes with cottage cheese (usually I whack veggies on them but ran out).
Meal Six: 200g prawns in lime chilli marinade, barbequed with 100g smashed potatoes, veggies
Meal Seven: punnet of strawberries and 1/2 protein shake.

I'm often asked - do I change this at any point? My answer is no, unless for some weird reason I plateau, then the sauces go and a little bit of carb but not too much.


Lisa said...

yeah - sanity prevails!

Janew said...

Hey Liz, great to read that your training is going off and your are just happier and happier since your move back to the big smoke ;)

I havent competed and not sure if I will...but thank you for blogging this as Im sure this is what more then 1/2 the girls go through when they compete.I think its very important to spread the word about proper nutrition! and not starvation to get the physique you want.
It is one thing from reading others blogs and girls 'falling off the wagon' that has put me off the thought of competing.
Keep training hard (as I know you will)and keep being the motivational gal that you are..cause your so good at it.
cheers, jane :)

only 150days till QLD!!!

Kek said...

Ah, Liz....you rock! :) WHEN (not if) I train for my comp, I'm coming to you for advice.

Must have been something in the air today - I was starving too and had a Slim Secrets bar. YUM!

Lia Halsall said...

Great post! ;o) xx

Marie said...

Liz, you really should consider writing a book or at least some kind of newsletter. I think there is so much misinformation out there that there would be a real niche for someone like you!

stacytoby said...

Hey Liz,

You're a legend, I was a blubbering mess after that 'diet' was given to me last week, after hearing how you prepare both yourself and others to compete, I now feel strong again to be able to compete next year.

Seriously - WRITE A BOOK, I would buy it for sure! :)


Splice said...

Great post Liz!!

Splice said...

Great post Liz!!