Sunday, July 29, 2007

Workout joy!

I've finally made it through the first week of my Christian Thibaudeau program (which incidentally came from the Precision Nutrition forum, rather than any personal contact with the man himself). There are lots of good programs available for nothing if you search the Internet - it is how you apply these programs and whether you choose a program that is the right fit, given your training priorities, fitness level and experience. This program is definitely not geared towards entry level trainers though.
I have DOMS all over and must say that this is the first structured program (after p90x) that I have enjoyed doing for a long time. It's got a lot of variation in tempo, timing, reps etc and best of all, is really enjoyable. It's definitely a nice feeling knowing you're getting stronger with each training session you bang out - though it will be awhile before I bench 67.5kg! My best is way, way way lower than that!
Today I taught RPM for John who had family out from NZ and I had the pleasure of feeling my hamstring DOMS with every pedal stroke and I also did my strength training.
My week is looking like this:
Monday: teach RPM, horizontal dominance RT
Tuesday: run intervals, vertical lower body dominance RT
Wednesday: possibly teach RPM, vertical upper body dominance RT
Thursday: Hip dominant RT, cardio
Friday: OFF - Core Course Modules
Saturday: Horizontal dominance upper body RT, light cardio
Sunday: teach RPM
That should keep me busy :)


Di Broeren said...

Hi Liz
You sound wonderful! I had to had a giggle at your planned monday workout. That horizontal dominance RT sounds rather kinky : )

I need to catch up with you. Will send you an email.


Splice said...

Liz, your an energiser bunny!! You just keep going and
Thanks for your comment on my blog, I agree with you totally.