Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bodypump Princess

Yowsa, what a day I have had - I got to sub Bodypump this morning, a class I haven't taught for about 5 years - did one sub about 2 years ago and that's been it! I thoroughly enjoyed it, yet I am going to be sore tomorrow, I feel like an old woman every time I try to get out of my seat! I was packing up after my class when the 10.30am Bodybalance instructor did not show up. I felt really sorry for the 30 participants that turned up, so I gathered all my cooldown tracks from RPM and Step and voila, "Liz Mills Bodybalance" - I haven't taken a class for many years - doing one when I was pregnant with Miss G (and she is nearly 5). So I remembered my time doing p90x in Woop Woop and did the yoga asana sequence from Yoga X. I really pushed it to the best of my ability and I was surprised to see everyone huffing and puffing into their warrior, triangle poses etc. Then I taught 30 minutes of abdominal and glute focused pilates.

This old girl's got some secrets in her. I was really terrified at the thought of teaching freestyle "Balance", but good old Tony from p90x really saved the day for me.

I'm now off to work and onto the last batch of Fruity Chicken Curry. My next pick is going to be my Lamb/lentil Berbere. It was great during the last winter comp prep and is delicious.

Thank you to everyone who has posted (and emailed ) such nice things about my comp prep approach. The scale has "whooshed" as predicted and eating really well has shaved off a kilogram this week without doing anything weird at all.

Must also remember to tape Heroes tonight. I love that show!


Kek said...

I hate to be put on the spot unprepared, but it's amazing what you can come up with when the heat is on.

Nice work!

Kimmy said...

Hi Liz - I am back blogging after a long break and always peak at your blog:) You are such an inspiration - Just woundering if you would like to help me out and share the two recipes, Fruity Chicken Curry and Lamb lentil Berbere and Cals/Fat/Prot/Carb portions etc.
Thanks in advance
Live with Passion

Ali said...

I also enjoyed your previous blog, it is such a shame a lot of diets people in general can follow, not just competition diets are very inadequate when it comes to calories and nutrition.

Those recipes you mentioned sound scrumptious!!

Have a great weekend