Friday, July 20, 2007

Day of Indulgence

I have still got the remains of a cold and decided that I would take the day off training. I feel sorry for the RPM Hi Performance crew tomorrow, they are going to get a thrashing :)
I dropped Miss G off at her new Kindy and went and saw the early session of "Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix" - which I thought was done really well. I was wondering how Book Five would be able to be condensed into a movie and the director did a wonderful job.
Then I treated myself to lunch at my favourite Vietnamese cafe (and Lia's too, when she lived in Brisbane), "Phuc Viet" (unfortunate name, but great food) - prawn ,veggie and vermicelli noodles in rice paper rolls with an Asian dipping sauce. Yum!
After that it was time for a visit to Lorna Jane. I am lucky enough to be sponsored by Lorna Jane, who give me a sizable discount off my purchases - I bought singlet tops, socks, tracksuit pants and gorgeous hoodie top and of course a matching headband to top it all off. I also picked up the latest Muscle and Fitness Hers magazine which I was able to enjoy during the bus ride home.
I feel really renewed after a day completely indulging my own whims. Having a date with myself was the best one I've had in a long time - and thankfully all the facilities were there to have a wonderful time.


Anonymous said...

Phuk Deli is a great restaurant and will be one of the first places I visit when I'm back up there next. I'm seeing Harry Potter tomorrow and can't wait. :o) xx

Tara's Journey said...

Hiya Liz, sounds like you had a lovely day. Shame that we can't have time off like that more often hey!! :)

Selina said...

A date with yourself sounds great!! I'll have to hunt that place out when down there next ;)

Ali said...

YUM!! I love rice paper rolls, my auntie makes scrumptious ones!!

I agree a good date with oneself is always fun,.... sponsored by Lorna Jane, GOOD FOR YOU!

enjoy the rest of your weekend,