Friday, July 13, 2007

Little pleasures!

I managed to score myself a new snazzy gym bag from Fitness First today. I have been wandering around for the past few weeks with a gym bag that was about to fall apart - being a staff member of Fitness First, I managed to score a great deal. I can't count how many "Fitness First" towels and other accessories I own!

I had a relatively light day, participating in RPM and recovering from yesterday's workout. Tomorrow I am teaching RPM "Hi Performance" which is RPM class with added tracks, hence the "high performance" part. I have been feeling very strong on the bike of late and really dialling in the load.

With the comp training, I feel I have leaned out a bit more this week, despite killer (almost!) PMS and TOM and the scale is cooperating. I am going to give it everything I have to get there (within the bounds of common sense) - I am a bit behind the eight ball prep wise, but will stay committed to my plan of action and see where the cards fall. I am hoping to contact Jadey for another photo shoot, so I need to be in tip top shape for that anyway.

I am looking forward to a restful weekend and whipping up some new gourmet concoctions to try. It's important to have plenty of variety in your intake, even when prepping. You need never feel like you "are on a diet", ugh! The two things that I really focus on remembering are "setting limits" and "effective nurturing". Set sensible limits with yourself about what you will do and how you will prepare things - and nurture yourself effectively without reaching for a donut. In my overeating days I would draw myself to certain foods as a means of "treating myself" - these days I've swapped my down time to seeing Harry Potter movies - much more fun - though my planned excursion to the cinema on Wednesday didn't come off. Always next week. :) Yeah, I know, I date myself!


Hann said...

Oh same here, I got a bag, towel, drink bottle and locker (3months) for re-joining again after my membership expired, it's better than a back pack it's a nice travel type of bag, I might use it for swimming gear and towels.

Andj said...

Hi Liz,

Hope you are well!! Good to hear that you are planning to compete again. I really love your approach to it all - so normal!! (In a good way) Good to read as well that it is all going well at toowong FF.