Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pushing the limits!

I think this pic of Cathe pushing the limits with an incline chest press is a good one! Similar to how I have been lately and also blows apart the theory that exercise DVDs are for pussies.
I've done a backflip and decided not to compete - I feel like it's all a bit much trying to prepare myself, grow a business and look after the clients I am preparing properly. The best part is that I'll really be able to enjoy the shows through their eyes. I also feel like I haven't had enough time to make changes - ideally I'd like to pack on more upper body mass and be able to perform more functional movements such as squats and deadlifts well. My glutes have been giving me trouble so I am indulging in one on one pilates once a week for the next six months. I'm planning on starting this next week.
With my basket too full, I haven't been sleeping too well and have just come down with a cold. However I know I have made the right decision. I am preparing to expand the selection of DVDs I sell in the next few months, the next addition being the Spinervals range which is superb for both general conditioning and cycling technique. That will be awesome once I get them up on the site.
I'm hoping to be back in the gym tomorrow if this cold is on the way out. Unfortunately I think it is settling in for a nice game of bridge. One can hope!


Lia Halsall said...

You've made the right decision and I have no doubt your body will reap the rewards in preparation for when you next step up on that stage Liz. ;o) xx

Kek said...

Sheesh, look at those pecs popping! Cathe IS working hard...

With the pressure of competing off, hopefully you can focus on looking after yourself more. I know exactly how it is when life gets busy and all the "me time" gets squeezed out. :(