Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another day at the coalface!

Today Miss G was still unwell (she has been off colour all week) so another day off was had by all. I cleaned out my filing cabinet. It's amazing how much junk can come out of one room, even though I'm not one for hoarding stuff AT ALL.
Today's Figure Poster (thank you for the inspiration Lia!) is Jelena Abbou - she has got lovely symmetry and is competing now as an IFBB pro - and the best part, she's a "natural" athlete.
I have been dabbling with the idea of trying a program by her trainer, Christian Thibandeau, who is an exercise physiologist in Canada. The program runs for 24 weeks which is dangerous for a girl who changes her mind with any given opportunity! It is devoted to hypertrophy - perfect for where I want to go right now. I'm dreaming of big juicy shoulders! However, I'd really like the feeling of being able to say I accomplished it. It does look like it would dovetail in well with my glute training. I will see which way the wind is blowing tomorrow.
In other news, I finally preordered my new Harry Potter Book - which will be hard not to want to look at during our Fitness First staff meeting on Saturday. Luckily I am taking the minutes so I will be adequately distracted.

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Splice said...

Jelena has a beautiful physique, she still has all those lovely female curves.
Her trainer wouldn't come cheap that's for sure, let us know what you decide to do.