Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Ten things you really didn't know

Number One: I'm officially unemployed as of January 1st - there have been staff changes resulting in the shifts that I usually do being taken over by a full time employee. To say that I'm irritated is the understatement of the week - it was close to home and although I find the practice of pharmacy like watching paint dry on a wall, the money is fairly decent and I liked the predictability of the work etc etc.

Number Two: I had my very first MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) done on my shoulder last night - you get trussed up like a chook and shoved into a very weird looking cylindrical object with earphones (because the machine makes a jackhammer like sound as it's scanning you.

Number Three: Doc reckons the problem I have with my clavicle is either degenerative arthritis or osteolysis (where the bone melts away due to mechanical stresses - bench pressing being a really common cause) So no matter what the result is I will have to take three to six months off lifting. Bummer!

Number Four: Although I seem to present a "go with the flow" attitude, I'm really a very happy camper when I have a plan that excites me. I'm feeling really lost right now because I don't know what "the plan" is. (seems injury and unemployment can do that to you...)

Number Five: I tend to like all the tracks in LMI releases that everyone dislikes.

Number Six: I'm usually even tempered, but today I'm cranky (can you tell)

Number Seven: As I'm cranky about the state of my life right now, I tend to start receiving slews of Christmas Cards with swarmy Family Newsletters telling me that the twins are waiting on their Mensa qualifications and that they just bought a new Mercedes. I wonder whether I should send them the newsletter outlining all the of the expenses we've incurred with our 20 year old claptrap.

Number Eight: I am sick of eating oats for breakfast (so they are no longer on the menu - never thought I would say that!)

Number Nine: I hate running out of the "thinks" that I want to "think"

Number Ten: There is no number ten....why be so predictable?


Miss Tank is a Strong Bitch said...

Ahhh Liz! Everything happens for a reason, no matter how shitty things are right now - they have occurred because there is an air of change for you! You will fall on your feet again! I'm like you - i LOVE to plan - but you always need contingencies in case plans don't happen.....Your contingency right now is to reflect and uncranky your gorgeous self!

Kerry W said...

I don't think I could add anything to Fern's wise words Liz. I agree - I'm sure you'll fall on your feet, and some opportunity will present itself from your current challenges! :) XOX

I hope you take this time to reflect, contemplate and be thankful for your gifts, talents, achievements so far, family and friends. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Liz; I laughed my butt off. You are in a very similar boat to me and I loved the comment about the Christmas family newsletters. Hooray for venting. You did it for me!

You know this is a phase. You know it all, so I won't patronise you by saying anything more.

I love you anyway!

Kate A

Flea said...

Hubby asked me what's wrong tonight, well I'm also un employed now, contract expired and I declined an extention, so no work.
And I have a stiff neck, on anti inflammateries and I have a cold and I'm fat!
Your's still sounds better!

Hope you chirp up soon, I'm also working on a "plan" no idea what it is yet but ... oh well hopefully will know soon enough if I sort it out.