Saturday, December 26, 2009

I love Boxing Day!

Although I love Christmas, I don't think anything can beat the "chilled out" feeling I seem to always have on Boxing Day. It is teeming with rain, the girls are playing with their presents (Miss G is drawing on a sketch pad and Miss S is playing Mario Kart on the Wii. We're all still in our PJs at 10am after having a rather lazy breakfast of croissants, smoked salmon and tropical fruits and some Melbourne Breakfast tea.

This makes me wonder, after all the Christmas madness, how anyone can be possessed to go shopping on Boxing Day. Though I will admit to eyeing off the David Jones Stocktake Catalogue in today's paper. I'm hoping to get some really good non stick cookware - the sort where you can even use a metal utensil and it doesn't affect it whatsoever (I hope these pans exist!). Also hoping to pick up a nice bedroom duvet set for our new bed and the new house.

Speaking of the house, it looks now to be February when we move in. The house has been rendered and painted and the concrete for the driveway is going to be poured in the middle of January. We have to fit the lights, put the oven and dishwasher in, polish the wooden floors and organize curtains and carpets. Luckily, we've picked the type and colour of carpet which is a great time saver. The theme of the house is blue and cream - both hubs and I love blue and we laughed at how we both seem to gravitate towards blue things - probably because blue is such a relaxing colour.

I haven't decided when my next workout will be - I had plans not to train until Wednesday when I have to teach RPM and Step again but after a good rest today, who knows - I might feel up to a run tomorrow. Sometimes we forget the importance of recovery and getting away from the gym or the studio or whatever. Seems to be testament to the fact that we all love to be in equilibrium!

Almost forgot to say I had a lovely Christmas Day - Santa brought me a chair for the study as well as some foot massage cream and a lovely wooden massager.
I hope Santa brought you some lovely gifts too!


Frankie said...

I love it too! You get to enjoy all the spoils without all the stress. Shopping? Bugger that!

Kirstie Robson said...

Heya Liz

Glad you're enjoying your boxing day. All was wonderful up here in the 'Ville this Christmas and now my boxing day is similar to yours. Blissful chilling out...relaxing with loved ones.

x Kirst

Hilary said...

I'm with you Liz, I reckon the shops are best avoided at this time of year!

Not long to go until your new house - how exciting!

Hilary xx

Kristy said...

Wow your house has really come together really quite quickly Liz. The way you are going you could be in before me... LOL

We are thinking end of January for our move in date, but nothing is confirmed or been made official yet. It was originally April, then August, the Oct now we just wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Hey Liz! I'm mad enough to have gone shopping this morning - and yes it was fricken CRAZY STUPID idea - although - i did buy some good bargains ;) I'm chilling now - feet up, watching the cricket - me heart boxing day too xx