Thursday, December 17, 2009

Words or Workouts?

Hubby and I are having a laugh at this book which is all about how the corporate world, in its' desire to become more efficient, have come up with the most laughable play on words to describe the world of business. No doubt you've heard of the concepts of "Mission Statement, Key Performance Indicator and now, "Bendable Learnings". The current ones from the office apparently involve "getting traction on a problem", and the word "appetite" - ie our business doesn't really have the "appetite" for that venture. I think it's hilarious and then started to think about the fitness world and the some of the ridiculous words and phrases that come into play when describing exercise, fitness and supplements.

Try phrases and words like:

*"iron clad guarantee" ( please, if anyone sees what iron cladding looks like please email me, I'm intrigued)

*guaranteed results" ( if you do any sort of working out, you're going to make some sort of change, thereby you're automatically guaranteed of a result"

*Supplement Gobbledegook -"Amino Acid Transportation System", "Protein Matrix", "guaranteed pump"(they should therefore market it to the Viagra seekers of the world), "100% bioactive peptides" (uh, do you mean whey protein?) "nitrogen positive supplement for superior anabolic action " (eat protein and lift heavy shit for best results!)

*"metabolic conditioning" (what, do you mean circuit training and going so hard you want to throw up?)
*"Raise the Bar" (where? how? to infinity and beyond?)

*"a workout complex" (coined by Alwyn Cosgrove, I hate this term, still haven't figured this one out - personally I prefer "KISS - Keep it Simple, Stupid")

* "working into deficit" (could be akin to singing "How Do I Know" by Whitney Houston ie do, don't think!)

Do any of these words make the concept of getting fit any more technical? No matter what the words, the basics remain the same. Have a good giggle, have some fun - can anyone relate? I think the supplement stuff is hilarious - an entire industry built around clever word play......

Speaking of having fun today, I taught Step this morning for poor Miss C who has been sick with swine flu - we were having so much fun that I think we all forgot how hard we were working until the end - shattered, but in a good way.

On that note, I'm going to take my learnings and make up a special carb protein matrix sourced from natural ingredients (ie no barcodes lol) and ingest it into my rather large (yet bendable) digestive tract.

Bon appetit and have fun!


KatieP said...

My favourite is "organic". I've never met an inorganic apple, rice or chicken.

Michelle said...

Yet another awesome post. You're on fire!!!

chris said...

i believe in 100% whey protein!