Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Alone in the Universe

To quote a really dreadful film - "It appears the question of whether we are alone in the Universe has been answered". Before I go any further, that "really dreadful" film was "Independence Day" where Bill Pullman was cast as the President of the United States - the outcome wasn't good.

Back to my quote - it seems sometimes as if the Blogging Community is quite small. You find a niche to blog about - in my case, when I started my blog, it was about preparing for a Figure Competition. I found like minded individuals doing the same thing and blogging about it and soon an online figure/bodybuilding community began to develop.

Since my competitive days and due to all sorts of circumstances, I'm more about long term health and fitness and a mix of different stuff rather than bodybuilding alone. I still coach girls in prepping for a comp the sane way, but my interests are diversifying as my fitness pursuits change. All of a sudden I'm finding others in the Universe who are just like me - dabbling in all sorts of fitness related stuff and writing some really terrific blogs and inspiring me to introduce myself and leave a comment.

I think that meeting other bloggers who are travelling similar paths is awesome. I get inspiration, encouragement and smiles all wrapped up as one! Not all the blogs I come across are interesting - which leads me to the question of what do you all think makes someone's blog stand out? Is it the writing, is it the journey itself or is it the attitude?

As Molly Meldrum would say, "go and do yourselves a favour" and travel past your usual reading list. You'll be delighted at just who is out there. Conversely, if you're reading this and you've travelled a long way from your usual reading list, please say hello!


ss2306 said...

Reading from afar and saying "hello" anyway.

I love all three rolled into one - the journey, the writing, the positivity. I like to read what I like to see in myself.

LizN said...

Hello Gorgeous! Hope you are having some wonderful family time. Doing the usual up here today - RPM and Step - bloody buggered afterwards though!