Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Importance of connection

Today marked my return back to teaching both Bodystep and RPM. The classes could not have been further apart this morning - RPM was very quiet and I had only 3 participants - one who wanted to go really hard, a 20 weeks pregnant gal, who wasn't sure about training in pregnancy and an older gent with a shoulder injury. I turned this one into a bit of a more personalized coaching session for the three of them and actually really enjoyed it because I could see improvements in all three over the course of the class.

Next up was Bodystep and it was pretty busy. I probably knew 80% of the class by name and I had a great catch up with everyone in the class. For me, this is the importance of connection! I love nothing more than the concept of sharing a class with friends on the same wavelength, teaching or not! Because it was so busy and the fact that carb depletion wasn't an issue for anyone (lol!!) there was a high energy atmosphere going through the room which was really uplifting. I have to admit though to feeling pretty tired at the end of it - a good feeling!

I was surprised by hubs and the girls turning up and we shared Vietnamese for lunch, had a wander around the shopping centre, came home for coffee/tea and a chat and now here I am.

To sum up - today I feel extreme gratitude for the sense of connection I feel with my class members. It renews me and lights my fire even further. I had a good chat with one of my ex Fitness First PT clients about personalities and cause and effect. I concluded that the gaining 'energy from connecting' is wrapped up in my personality. I gain connection from my music when I run, I seek a connection with the outdoor environment when I walk. In fact, I think I could substitute "connection" for "motivation".

Which leads me to ponder the question - do you need to feel a "connection" to have a fantastic workout or are you the "just do it" type who gets up and gets the job done no matter what. I often feel like the second option, especially if I'm tired, but typically exercise lights the fire and soon enough, I'm connected.


Cherub said...

I realised about 10 days ago that recently I was just doing it. Not getting it done as such but going through the motions, because I should.

I decided that I needed to focus on and connect what the end result per session was. Be it improving cardio fitness, rehabilitating a body part or increasing strength.

I enjoy my sessions more when I connect with them.

LizN said...

Or even just by focusing on the accomplishment at the end of your session! Have a great New Year, Claire!

Kerry W said...

I definitely need to connect to feel I'm getting results. It doesn't necessarily have to be with the people around me, like in your case, music helps me get connected. But I also find that just by moving too, that the connection can come a little later. Usually, if I still can't connect, it's because I'm too fatigued and probably shouldn't be training.