Saturday, December 19, 2009

Favourite Things 2009 Review

I am hoping that I receive my "Shock Cardio" DVDs before the year is out but with all the Australia Post unrest, I think I shall be lucky.

"Shock Cardio" falls into the "Favourites - Workout" category and this video clip is the HIIT DVD which is based on Tabata training - it's fantastic to be able to do top notch workouts in my own home (can't wait to try this puppy out!)

I've been thinking back over 2009 and I'm going to give a short review of favourite sites, books and blogs, etc that I really love.

*Workout Favourites:
a) Cathe Friedrich - Shock Cardio (see the video to find out why!)
b) Powerbands from Australian Kettlebells - these helped me to doing unassisted pull ups throughout the year (from "wuss to wonderful")
c)My IPOD Nano - I have a 16gb model which holds all of my favourite tunes - as Kerry mentioned, music maketh the workout!
d) My Bodybugg - got me off the couch and moving a whole lot more when I wasn't working out.

*Music and Les Mills Favourites
As most of the music I had time to listen to was related to learning my Les Mills choreography, I've lumped these two together.
RPM Highlights were - Release 42 and Release 44 and the "Piranha" track by The Prodigy in our latest effort.
Step Highlights were - Release 76 which had a "Space Theme" - favourite track - "Planet Claire" by the B52s - quirky and a little loopy - a lot like me actually!
Best Running Track: "Jump That Rock" - Status Quo vs Scooter - couldn't get enough of this one!

*Online Shopping Favourites
a) - as a confirmed book lover, this site was a must for me, culminating in a 3 carton delivery in late November. Half of it was kids books that don't seem to be available here.
b) - I can't speak highly enough of this company - shipping to Australia is cheap and I've bought several pairs of bike knicks, funky socks, sports bras and the like. Recommended!

*Foodie Favourites
I discovered lots of beautiful edibles - on the sweet side, Koko Black Dark Chocolate with Pistachios ruled my tastebuds and the birthday dinner I had at Thai restaurant Cafe De Siam rates as one of the nicest I've had this year. Thanks to Katie and Shelley I developed a love affair with Larabars - they're pretty rich, so they are more of a treat than everyday eating bars.

*Blog and Website Favourites
a) Liz Waterstraat's Blog - Liz is an elite level triathlete and writes amazing stories about her triathlon adventures and her training. Must read for any endurance enthuiast.
b) Katie P's and Shelley Stark - Both of these women are good friends of mine, but they've changed themselves , challenged their beliefs and come out winners - makes for great reading and a dose of inspiration as most say they'll change, but fail to execute. Nice work, girls!
c) I like Melissa C's Figure Blog - it documents her journey to her pro card without a hint of arrogance, but rather gratitude! I love it that she's also a normal mother who loves nothing more than to bake her kids a round of cookies. Oh and she's got a pretty nice physique too!
d) Alan Aragon's Research Review - which provides an in depth analysis to studies pertaining to nutrition and exercise physiology without bullshit or bias.
e) Healthy Food Guide Magazine - fantastic pocket sized magazine with all sorts of great nutrition ideas and recipes that taste good, not boring.
f) Kek -she dishes the good stuff about fitness, fun and being a shopping recessonista - blog more please Kek!
g) Australian Cyclist - a very readable cycling magazine that's great for recreational and racer riders
h) Shrink Yourself and Normal Eating - two excellent sites devoted to emotional eating. "Normal Eating" which is also available as a book, has some good practical recommendations and the blog is a good read as well.
i) 2xu - for the slickest looking compression wear and fitness gear. I drool all over the keyboard when I see some of this stuff.

Hmm that's all I can think of for now. There's plenty more to share I'm sure.


katie said...

Hey Liz,

I have read a lot about the Cathe workouts, I hear they are kick ass!

I would love suggestions on dvds to add to my regimen....I am looking for EASY choreography though. I am NOT a dancer in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM! I like boot camp style workouts....Right now I am mixing Beach Body Insanity and Beach Body P90X but I wanted to mix up with added cardio. Any suggestions?

Happy weekend,


LizN said...

Hi Katie, you'd probably enjoy Cathe's newest eg Athletic Step, as well as DrillMax and Bootcamp. I've been dying to try Insanity, maybe in the NY!

ss2306 said...

One of my favourites for 2009 = our reconciliation and you being around to support me and see me change into the better person I've become. Thank you. xxxxxx

LizN said...

Hey Gorgeous, you've made my day :) I think you are amazing )