Saturday, December 12, 2009

reading meister

Following on from my last post about enjoying reading about research, I've really taken things into overdrive the last day or two. I liken education to reading a menu - a bit of this, a bit of that. I'm all about using stuff that has scientific backing and merit. Of course there are limitations to many studies and the parameters used as such, which is why I believe one must not see things in terms of absolutes, rather "in the light of the information gathered, it seems like approach x is the way to go".

I need to do some research for the few projects I want to tackle in the New Year and having a path to follow is starting to generate new ideas and inspirations. It's such a nice feeling, after feeling rather flat for most of the year. There's been a permanent smile plastered on my face this last week - this morning one of my RPM girls asked me if I realized that I smile, even when I'm suffering!

This morning's fitness effort was teaching my RPM Hi Performance class - I combined the new release with tracks that were almost perfect duplicates of the Cadence and Mountain Climb - ie double the muscle endurance effect. I haven't taught this class for four weeks due to step teaching commitments and it was in the words of Scooter, "Good to Be Back". I felt fantastic after what I felt for me was a pretty maximal effort - and so inspired.

Then had lunch and headed over to the Brisbane Apple Store for a Macbook Workshop. Today I tackled Iwork, which was really beneficial and I also visited Borders and picked up a book that I've been wanted to read for ages - "Freakonomics" - I'm hoping hubs wants to read it more than me as it's part of my Christmas present to him.

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