Thursday, December 10, 2009

Love Will Save the Day!

Sometimes life can make you crazy

It can really put your body to the test.
You try so hard to make sure
everything is right

And you find you've only wound up with a mess.
It's a common situation even though
you feel abandoned and alone

you ain't the first to experience a hurt

So don't panic when you hit the danger zone.

What you need's a little change of heart
- change of heart -
Forget this fear and frustration.
Love will always play the greater part
- greater part -
When your battles wear yov
down. Here's my advice:

When you're feeling down and out

And you've got troubles on your mind
- love will save the day.
When you're feeling full of doubt

And fear has got you in a bind -
love will save the day.
When your world's falling apart

AII you have to do is say a prayer
and love will save the day.
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There's an answer in your heart

So let your light shine on
my dear
and love will save the day.

Love will save the day
love will save the day

Love will save the day
love will save the day.

Many things in this world bring you down

It's a wonder you can make it through the day.
you can't sleep 'cause your
problems are too deep

And there's always something
getting in the way.
And when you turn on the evening news

Mass confusion is the only thing you'll see.
there's no question that we
need a new direction

'Cause we all could use some peace and harmony.

What you need's a little change of heart

- change of heart - . . .
When you're feeling down and out
. . .
Love will save the day
love will save the day
. . .

"Love Will Save the Day" - Whitney Houston


Not really a post today about love, but about lyrics - does anyone else out there find music and lyrics to be a salve to the soul? When I hear a song before I know the lyrics, sometimes I can be a bit non plussed - I love songs with funny lyrics (think Katy Perry and Lily Allen (her "Not Fair" song tickles me in all the right places lol), songs that are full of angst (like "You Oughta Know" by Alanis Morrisette), quirky songs (think Black Eyed Peas, Pet Shop Boys and The Doors), Classics (anything by Abba and Queen come to mind), good honest rock (think Van Halen, Def Leppard etc), songs you can work out to (my favourite being "Take You High" which I cannot find anywhere.

Sometimes I think I could describe my life in the lyrics of some songs and isn't it amazing how some songs provoke great memories. My hubs and I bought a car (from an Indian salesperson named "Sultan" at an auction, but that's another story) and travelled around Canada and the US for six months or so before we got married. We were rather stingy and bought ourselves two CDs - Pet Shop Boys "Very" and "Best of Queen" - to play on our travels. We used to sing "Can You Forgive Her" at the tops of our voices going into Banff to eat pizza and had competitions to see who could do the best rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody" .

We've spread the musical love to the kids as well - ask them to their best "Flo Rida" impersonation and they're down and dirty with the "boots with the fur" which is hilarious.

As for Whitney Houston, I'm a big fan - what an amazing voice and lyrics that are simple yet true - I'm sure love will save the day if we let it!


nitrile gloves said...

Great video and I really like the positive attitude with which you see life.

Alanna M said...

Sometimes Liz there is the most incredible irony in your posts that parellel events in my life. It amazes me!!!
Is love enough to save the day?
My God, on a wing and a prayer I hope so....

A. xox