Saturday, December 05, 2009

Moving House - anyone interested?

As most of you who regularly read this blog would know, we're building a house and we're getting to that end bit where we are getting ready to move. I've had a sift through some of my fitness related stuff and have this list for sale - you can contact me via my "contact" page at the Fitness Solution. The prices don't include postage (I will charge what ever Aust Post charges me).

I've included some pics but if you want more info, please don't hesitate to email.

1. Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Cookbooks - AS NEW $15.00 each
2. Muscle and Fitness Hers 101 Workouts (strength training) $12.00 AS NEW
3. Pilates On the Ball (also Abs on the Ball) 10.00 EXCELLENT CONDITION
4. Outsmarting the Female Fat Cell After Pregnancy: 5.00 EX COND
5. Real World Fitness (Intermediate Level good for post preg and workouts at home) 5.00
6. Eating For Life - Recipe Book - Bill Phillips (Body For Life) 5.00
7. Get Up and Go - Lisa Curry Kenny (has an excellent swimming program/strength training program in there) $5.00
8. Pocket Personal Trainer - Eric Harr (triathlete) $4.00 -tips for athletes particularly runners
9. Women's Guide to Running (through Lifespan) - A Jutel - good introductory book for runners - $5.00
10. Fat Loss Handbook Guide for Professionals - 2.00 (or free with anything else)

Precision Nutrition - Volume 2 (updated version 2008) - binder including Quick Start Guide, Individualization etc $75.00 (including postage on this one). I have a spare copy.

Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazines - Most copies from 2006 through to 2009 (approx 20 magazines) $50.00 + postage

P90x Extreme Home Fitness - DVD set - Upper Plus and Abs/Core - $30.00 ( I have two copies - this one is sealed) - this is not a workout for the faint hearted - advanced/elite buyees only. You can do all the exercises at home if you have a chin up bar, dumbbells etc.

Ladybird Figure Tone Vanilla 500g - below cost price one left - $15.00

If any of my trash can be your treasure please let me know - it's much handier using my blog rather than ebay as there are no transaction fees.

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great fitness info!