Thursday, December 03, 2009

Conversations with my Clavicles

"Well hello dear Clavicle (or should I just call you Clav) ? I think it's high time we had a bit of a catch up.

Rumour has it that Mr Lefty hasn't been feeling well of late - he's been aching, sore and sporting a rather undesirable hard spot over his distal end. Catching up on the latest goss, Dr Jeff tells me that you're starting to degenerate over the whole sad situation. I must apologize for any part I could have played in your demise - I thought that lifting heavy with good technique would keep you strong into old age - but it seems in this case I got it wrong. Dr Jeff tells me to rest you and that he'll stop the pain with a couple of ultrasound guided cortisone injections into my sub acromial space and AC joint (your next door neighbour) tomorrow after I teach RPM. I bet you're looking forward to some pain relief.

And what do you think about the bulldog that's moved down the road into the head of your humerus - he's a big round fellow by the name of "endochrondroma" or "Endo" for short - he's got to be checked out further because he's a usually benign tumour that may be contributing to your woes.

I smashed step this morning and hope you notice I didn't bother you trying to do the push up track - just cued it from sitting on the step on the stage. I must admit that I was thinking of you a little too much before RPM today and I got a bit distracted and muffed up Track Seven - however I know what I need to work on as I am meeting up with Maka next week for some more coaching and assessment.

I was pleased I saw Dr Jeff about you - he was really knowledgeable and helpful and didn't want to rule out the possibility of lifting heavy shit again , but I told him that it was OK with it. I can't help it that you and all your other jointy mates are extremely hypermobile. He asked me about why I enjoyed the whole fitness gig and it took me back to a conversation I had with Carolyn yesterday about how enjoyable doing some sort of athletic training is.

Clav, it suddenly occurred to me that exercise wise, I'm in it for the long haul - I want to do stuff that I enjoy and that works for my body. I don't want to try to be what I physically can't be (eg a downhill skier is a good example with the pelvis I own).

Then it got me to thinking about where I am body wise as well. The bottom line is that I want to be good to us for the rest of our days. For us, that manifesto is to eat well, explore all sorts of things, move in activities that suit this old bod we're living in and do it our own way. I've seen so many books about coaching lately, so many approaches to strength training, eating or whatever. I've come to the conclusion that the best approach is the one we individualize for ourselves (based of course on sound science - I just had to throw that one in Clav!) For us, Clav, a more back and hamstring dominant workout is the ticket. I know not to feed us oats when we've had enough of em - I know that you're partial to "Love Sushi" after RPM - all those DHAs/EPAs from the fresh tuna sushi abd sashimi we had has got to be good for you!

I'll let you know when I think you're ready to be taken out for a bit of exercise - but for now, you must sit back, enjoy a cuppa and a few cleverly timed Naprosyn and begin your journey of healing."


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Feel better lady!

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