Tuesday, December 29, 2009

For Sale and Some Freebies

As you all know, I'm moving house and trying to sell a few bits and pieces. I'm also giving away some freebies.

So here's what to do:

If interested in any of this stuff, please visit The Fitness Solution and click on Contact Me and I'll get back to you.

For Sale:

Spinervals: 17.0 Aerobase Builder 2 (one hour steady state bike session to help you maximize your fat burning metabolism) 49.95 New - my price $15.00 (gently used)
Tracie Long Training: Functional Foundations - 3 workouts designed for core strengthening and ab development (Region 1 DVD - should play on most Aussie DVD players) 15.00
Tracie Long Training: Better Burn, Better Buns - focus on hip stability workout 10.00
Tracie Long Training: Endurance for Movement - another core stability workout focusing on ab/glute coordination 10.00
Tracey Staehle - Cardio Sweatfest 10.00 - advanced kickboxing routine (have 2 of these)
Amy Bento: Abs and Stretch 7.50 each (2 copies left)
Cathe Friedrich - Ab Hits DVD - 12.00 - has 12 different ab workouts over varying length on them (approx 7-12 minutes) (have 3 copies)
New Glucose Revolution DVD - 4.00 (about low GI nutrition etc)

Books: $3.00 each + a freebie
Time Management from the Inside Out (Julia Morgenstern)
Organizing From the Inside Out (Morgenstern)
Your Pocket Life Coach Carole Gaskell
The Organizing Sourcebook - Carole Posener
Organizing Plain and Simple - Donna Smallin
Women's Weekly Cookbooks- Good Food for Babies and Toddlers + Kid's Cooking (3.00 for both)
Life is Hard, Food is Easy - Linda Spangle (book on emotional eating)
How to Train - Hal Higdon (for the runners amongst you)
Pilates on the Ball,
Abs on the Ball - Colleen Craig
Nurture By Nature (applying the Myer Briggs concept to kids) Tieger et al
Kathy Kahlers Hollywood Body workouts and Real Life Fitness,
Stronger Legs and Lower Body - Keli Roberts
Woman's Guide to Runnning - A Jutel (beginner to intermediate)

Training for the Ageless DVD - a DVD about two women bodybuilders over the age of 50
Cooking With Conscience - Michelle Trute ( low fat, natural cooking)
Desserts - Julie Stafford, The Wok Cookbook, Julia Stafford
Healthy Home Style Cooking Evelyn Tribole (low fat natural cooking)
Step Inspirations and Power to the Third - complex choreo step DVD
Jammin 32s complex choreo step DVD
Secrets of a Former Fat Girl - Lisa Delaney book
Ultimate Fitness - Gina Kolata - The Truth about Exercise and Health
Yoga, Jesse Chapman

So if anyone would like any of these please get in touch. The prices don't include postage. Hope someone can get some good use out of these otherwise they're off to charity.

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