Friday, December 11, 2009

Research Queen

As part of my pharmacy practice and as an exercise physiologist, I've always been interested in research, especially critical and non biased analysis of study results and evidence based complementary medicine. Due to poor old Clav being so swollen, I've had my nose into studies on Omega 3 fatty acids and fish oils. After reading several studies, I went and calculated the exact dose I would need to temper inflammation and have been taking a high grade fish oil religiously for two or so weeks. The effect on inflammation with increased Omega 3 consumption is long term, but I'm noticing an improvement across all of my joints - I seem to be moving more freely which is very encouraging. Omega 3s have a positive effect on mood and I'm definitely feeling more chipper than I have in a long time.

Off to teach RPM at Toowong. I can feel a thorough caning coming on...nothing better than a good hit out on a beautiful Friday morning!

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Frankie said...

Yep, a couple of years ago, when I had really bad bursitis, I started taking quite a high dose of the Omega 3's a day (triple what I'd previously been taking) on the advice from my chiro. It really did help. So much so that I was able to stop taking Glucosamine for my crappy joints and just take the fish oil now. I also found it really helped to take some the morning of my last exam, when I was having a little mental meltdown. Great stuff!

Glad you're feeling better :o)