Monday, November 30, 2009


Yeah, I'm a princess of the rehab variety!

Training today: Bodyattack (went as full throttle as I could at 5.45am), Run 25 minutes
Lower Body: hip flexor stretches, glute bridges in neutral spine, incline leg press (3 x 15)
Upper Body: serratus anterior activation, pec broomstick stretch, seated row with lower trap focus/neutral t spine, T Spine mobilization with foam roller.

Pleased to say that although the old clavicle is really tender, I'm starting to achieve much better range through my cervical/thoracic vertebrae. Rather than cursing this problem, I'm looking at it as an opportunity to learn more about clavicular function.

I am grateful that I have acquired such a firm foundation of knowledge in this area over the years. I'm know I've saved myself a lot of physio bills.

Today I'm off to work. I've decided that today is "Larabar Monday" - as well as my massive salad, nectarines, yoghurt and rice cakes, I've packed an Apple Cinnamon Larabar which will come in handy when my tummy starts growling at 5pm.

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