Saturday, November 28, 2009

She is Beautiful and other thoughts....

"The Girl is So Beautiful".

This was one of the tracks in our Bodystep 78 launch this morning. I did from Track 6 ("She is Beautiful") all the way through to Track 11 with Clare, who is a young and upcoming stepper from Melbourne (to show you how upcoming she is, she shadowed at the last Quarterly here, so she's pretty darn talented indeed). Our theme was Fitness First's Ninth birthday (nine years since they opened their doors in Brisbane) so my get up involved a hot pink boob tube from Supre layered over a yellow wide necked T Shirt and my Lulelemon pink and black shorts - not to mention a party hat! Was a bit disappointed in myself when I made a few mistakes - I'd get nervous then I'd relax, only to get nervous again...bugger!

RPM with Bron at 9.30am was hilarious - I had to do a quick change out of my Step outfit into my RPM outfit - we decided to be clowns attending a 9th Birthday party so we kitted out in clown suits (that were a bit of a stretch over my massive cycling quads :) ), wigs and squeaky red noses. RPM, after Step was pretty good - if an hour of solid cardio hadn't calmed me down, the sight of Bronnie and I wearing our suits was just a great laugh and a pretty good relaxant. Despite not spending a lot of time on the choreo for this one, I breezed through it without any errors at all (which makes me think I should try doing that for Step and see how I!)

I think that having the launches every few months brings the fun factor into the workout and us being dags up the front probably helps to keep everyone relaxed and smiling.

Afterwards, the girls and I went to a cafe with a few of the RPMers from class and had a catch up and coffee. Good fun.

I also thought I'd post an update about my shoulder injury. I went to see a sports doc on Thursday, got X Rayed and apparently the lump that I have is over the distal end of my clavicle, not my AC joint, which is good news. I do need some physio to sort out my tracking, but hubs has been awesome (I've been teaching him how to mobilize my first rib - how romantic!) and I'm actually feeling like I'm moving better, although the pain is still pretty localized over my lump. X rays showed an issue with this bone, but I'm also having an MRI to try and work out more about the lump itself.

Unfortunately this has meant no strength training for the last 3-4 weeks which has been annoying to say the least - but I'm really positive that whatever this problem is, that I can work it out. I must say I've been wondering whether lifting super heavy shit(ie bench pressing body weight as an example - gee, I loved writing that!) is all that fantastic for my hypermobile shoulders, even though Louise reckons it's fine.

The house building project is coming along well with shelving, skirting boards and architraves all going in this week. Next week I think the tiling is to be done, another step in the right direction. With an impending move , I'm taking action by starting to use up any tinned food in the pantry - just hope I don't have too much left over. When we were moving around a lot, I had a tin of salmon which went through an interstate move and then off to Woop Woop. Needless to say it wasn't the best when we got around to opening it.....

OK, time to go and make a meal out of anchovies, green curry paste and lima beans from the pantry (NOT!)

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ss2306 said...

Sounds like a fun morning. Bet you're buggered this arvo?

Re the shoulder - that's what you get for being a strong bitch (lol).

Can't wait to see the finished product in the house department.

Catch up with you this week for sure.