Monday, November 23, 2009

Thank goodness for Larabars!

Training today: Bodyattack (modified so no overhead work), Run 30 minutes, stretching

Today's shoulder update: I'm suspicious the problem is acromio-clavicular degeneration - first line treatment, rest and anti inflammatories - I can now feel a grinding sensation and hoping it's not bone against bone, mate against mate, state against state. Solution? Practitioner Only High Dose Fish Oil, NSAIDS (I'm so lucky to work in a pharmacy where I have access to both)

Today's work update: Horribly busy, did over 400 scripts - and our Consis dispensing machine chose to have a spack-attack just as I had five people waiting for scripts. Thirty minutes later I had the bastard back in operation,, only after a fair bit of cussing ensued (why is it that the staff laugh if I say "fuck"?) and phone calls to the manufacturer.

Today's Nutrition: To say that I have been a Starvin Marvin is the understatement of today. Luckily a Larabar came to my rescue. These little rippers are full of fruit and nuts and just gorgeous as a bit of a treat. Came in very handy as it stopped me turning into a complete cracker(broken machinery and being hungry don't combine too well for me!). Our resident Naturopath has been on holidays in the US and bought me one of each flavour - so next stop is Pecan Pie, followed by Apple, followed by Pistachio. I think I'll enjoy one a week so I can make them last :) Thank you to Shelley for introducing them to me, via Katie :)

Today's Thoughts: This is on my Facebook page and it's a favourite of mine: ""All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us" J Tolkein from "Lord of the Rings - thought of this today - just do what needs to be done and don't stress out about it :)

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