Saturday, November 14, 2009

Carving it Up!

Training today : taught RPM Hi Performance. Rode it like there was no tomorrow! I have made the decision to switch to sleeveless jerseys of next week - I literally wrung out today's sleeved number.

I went back to 2006 and re read my entire blog - was quite entertaining really but also amazing in how it's changed from 'training log into life log' - my current mood is dictating that as well as having a love affair with exercise, it's time to look at new avenues to enrich my life. Who knew that being completely fit and well wasn't just due to physical training?

Here's are some of the potentials I could look at for 2010:
Starting an Arts Degree and trying out subjects like Literature and Creative Writing.... I like the idea of furthering my education without career pressure.
Doing a course in Web Design and a Mac course...because I'm fascinated by Web Design and want to learn all the ins and outs of making pages look sensational.
Doing some type of Retreat or Self Awareness program.
I'm keen on getting some one on one coaching in Road Cycling.
I want to get in the pool.
I want to learn more about cooking.
I would love to do dance - jazz, tap, hip hop - what ever is close and on offer.
I'm considering doing a Pilates Course - I need it for my dysfunctional pelvis, so why not make it a Tax Deduction?
I like the idea of photography.

Wow, there's so much out there to experience. I can't wait to sink my teeth into whatever pops up. After having a few trips away this year, I've come to the conclusion that a few days of complete "time out" every year is essential to my sanity. So, I'm also going to plan to get away as well.

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MTB Girl said...

Sounds like you have lots of ideas on the boil. I really enjoyed the novice cycling program I did. Just finished it this week :)

For a retreat and time out I highly recommend Camp Eden. I went for a week a few weeks ago and keep meaning to go back. Just one week can be so amazing there and you feel like a new person coming out. They've got some great specials on now and into the new year too.