Thursday, November 26, 2009

Brush With Fame Pt 395 section B

The Section "B", refers to "B Grade" celebrity - would have scored this fellow lower, except he:

a) comes from another country
b) had an entourage
c) posed willingly for pictures (am kicking myself I didn't get a photo..but I digress)

Yes, folks, today as I hurtled into Fitness First CBD (running late as per usual) I had a literal "smackdown" with none other than Hulk Hogan, semi retired professional wrestler that is touring here. I extricated myself as quickly as possible to the sounds of Hulk and his entourage commenting "Australians move so quickly or was it the two shots of vodka I had this morning?" Then I wondered if I should have challenged him to a round of RPM...

Could have gone something like this:
Me: "Hey Hulk, want to see what a real smackdown looks like?"
Hulk: "huh" (remembering the man has had two shots of vodka )
Me: "So you really are a pussy then?"
Entourage moves closer.....
RPM regular Anthony waves me into the studio with a cleated shoe. "Time to teach!"...OK,
I'm off and teaching...bugger...convincing "Hulk" to participate in class would have been kind of fun.

Seriously though, the man is about 6'6" and built like a Sherman tank. And his entourage of beefy wrestler boys - all of the same dimensions, with Hulk definitely being the top dog physicality and brutality wise!

My brush with Mr Hogan has outshadowed my whining about my corrupted clavicles so I'm going to leave it there....

and regret that Brit had already left Bris vegas by the time I got to the gym to teach my class.

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