Saturday, November 21, 2009

(wo)Man in Motion

"I can see a new horizon underneath the blazin' sky
I'll be where the eagle's flying higher and higher"

I've nicknamed my Saturdays "Superhero Saturday" because I start off teaching a class and sometimes feel like a bit of a superhero - inspiring, motivating and loving it loud. Then class finishes and...poof! I turn into a dork in a lab coat dispensing prescriptions and providing advice on things such as how to remove splinters to potential interactions between natural medicines and the prescription stuff. Then I may be helping someone out who's worried about feeding their baby or giving advice on haemorrhoid creams (woot! sorry about that, I'm really very immature...still).

Some days are pretty slow and torturous and others are so busy that you feel you've been crumpled up and fed through a paper shredder. Today has been one of those - just happy to come home and chill out and not do anything.

There's an interesting overlap between the pharmacy and the fitness world. Many of the pharmacy customers take my classes. One of my RPM participants has just applied for a position working at the pharmacy. I don't do those diet shake programs that have infected the pharmacy world very well (can you imagine? lol! ) - when I explain what you could EAT for the same caloric value, it sends all potential shakees running into Coles salivating at the thought of some beautifully cooked fish and fresh steamed vegetables.

Today Hubs told me that some of his family have read my blog (hey guys, if you're reading you should leave a comment!) - must admit that feels a bit weird..they're probably all now getting confirmation that I really am crackers (as if you needed it

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