Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Horizontal Workouts with My Husband

Before you start getting all hot under the collar, I'd like to advise that this is a strictly G rated post. Kitty, if you're reading this, I can't put the "adults only" disclaimer on my blog just yet - but who knows, one day that may come (pardon the pun).

No, today, it was decided with the move into our new home imminent, that it was time to buy ourselves a new bed and look at outdoor furniture for the new deck. I got up early and squeaked out a good run and stretch at FF Jinders as well as some pulling/posture exercises and foam rolling. We dropped the car off for its scheduled service and then headed off to Fortitude Valley to check out the homemaker precinct.

We had coffee at the awesome smelling Merlo (well I had tea, love the smell of coffee but not so keen on the taste) and then ended up at Forty Winks and ended up spending about two hours trying out mattresses and choosing a bedroom suite (we ended up with the one in the link). I have always found the concept of testing out mattresses hilarious and I commented to the salesperson with a bit of mirth that it must be an odd job selling mattresses. He replied with something along the lines of "we take our customer's sleep needs very seriously". OK, Liz, back in your box and try not to laugh, OK?

Then after all of the ups and downs of lying down on what seemed like a gazillion mattresses, we went to Meccabah for lunch. I had to use the powers of mindful eating and not clean my plate of the three cups of delicious rice that were adorning my plate! I would have certainly felt really uncomfortable if I'd eaten the whole shebang (which further solidifies the need to focus on the intuitive side of things even if you choose to log your calorie intake - there will be events/meals where you can't log them so you need to be able to learn to listen to the wisdom of your body's satiety signals and learn appropriate hunger and fullness cues when such things occur). And in long term maintenance, as opposed to short term action where a food diary can be very useful, it's more important to focus on lifelong changes to lifestyle and personal growth.

Time to go and eat a chook, lovingly made by hubs, prepared in the Stephanie Alexander tradition (I have a budding Masterchef on my hands!) No, seriously that show scares the living daylights out of me - I love to watch it, but I'd hate to be in the kitchen under pressure doing those Challenges. Yikes!


Magda said...

Mmmmmm Meccabah. God we loved that place when we lived in Brissie. Sounds like a fun day Liz. Mattress shopping is always a hoot.

:-) Magda

Kek said...

Gorgeous suite.... hope your boudoir is nice and roomy though. We have a similar style and I'm totally over the bruises on my hips and thighs from walking into the bed-end in the dark.

It's less of a problem now that we have a gigantic bedroom, but I'm still getting rid of it for something more klutz-friendly.

Shaboom said...

Your house is looking awesome and so big!! Very exciting :)Merlo is my 2nd office when im ast work!!!! Love it!! surprised I didn't see you there today. Sounds like a great day bed shopping, coffee & food. Hopefully see you soon xx

Kathiej said...

I hope you get wonderful sleep from your new bed.

I too LOVE the smell of coffee but not so much the taste....funny that

Kitty said...

hey hey hey! my haters harrassed blogger into giving me an adult warning!

i never talk about rooting my husband...cause i never freakin doooo!!!