Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Joy of Movement

I've been a busy little beaver here in my corner of the world. After Body Attack on Monday, I felt like I had rediscovered the joys of cardio and did a 30 minute session on the elliptical before training with Shelley yesterday - shoulder is cranky and my "lump" has swollen up again with a vengeance, so it looks like any strength training I do over the next few weeks will all be rehabby pilates style stuff which I don't mind at all. After the huge shoulder injury last year, I've grown to love the patience, progression and reward of steady rehab (I did most of my own shoulder rehab last year in conjunction with Lou's spectacular joint mobs). I had a session of real time ultrasound ( click here for a more science based paper on the subject ) to check to see where my pelvic stability was as well - I'm about to head off for more pilates and possibly a practitioner course in the New Year. I was thrilled to see an almost perfect set of abdominals (in terms of function) on the ultrasound screen and an awesomely functioning pelvic floor. The only weak spot is my lack of multifidus (a stabilizing muscle that runs between the facet joints of the spine) activation - so that is my next mini challenge. The last time I had real time ultrasound, I was told my pelvic instability was one of the worst cases that they'd ever seen and that I'd never run again, let alone teach Step. Just to show that long term rehab is worth it - seven years and counting!

I also had a bit of a shopping spree at Lorna Jane at Indro - I just had to have the inspirational singlets that say "Cardio Addict" and "No Pain No Gain" (I got this for a bit of a laugh), and a red T Shirt that says 'dance, laugh and sing" . I also received an order from Team Estrogen
who are a women's cycling/triathlon shop in the USA - new gorgeous cycling shorts, a yoga inspired tank top and socks that scream "Bad Kitty"! What fun! I'll enjoy trying out all my new duds over the next week or so.

Today I taught RPM and Bodystep. Another great RPM class this morning that left me feeling full of energy and ready to take on the world - I love nothing more than just being so immersed in the moment that you forget everything else for 45 minutes. Came back to Earth with a thud (needed breakfast) before saddling up for Bodystep. This class doesn't feel like hard work to me any more but rather an adrenalin charged dance party! Left the gym today appreciating the joy of movement - so the shoulder's a bit cranky - I just love having a party with my feet instead.

On a more serious note, does anyone ever question their parenting ability. I received the gift of having two girls and the challenges that come with raising them. One of them is now ten and is going into a phase of her life where all of her classmates are forming cliques and there's a lot of "I'll play with you, but not you" type of pre teen bitchiness going on. For my little pup, a lot of it has gone over her head because that's just not who she is. Today she looked upset on coming home from school and then after a fair bit of coaxing, she cried and told me how some girls had "left her out of things" and called her names. I held her, worried that I wouldn't know what to say to give her any perspective on the fact that girls can be very bitchy and told her about similar experiences I had growing up (I was never part of the popular crowd). I was so pleased when she opened up some more and she told me that she had gone to sit next to the other girl in her class that was being teased "because she could see that she was upset".

I told her that I was so proud of her for not being a sheep and following the "in crowd" that she had stood up and done the right thing in treating the other girl with kindness and compassion. "Showing kindness is the greatest thing you can do to make the world a better place." I said and gave her a hug.

Then she talked some more. I felt really relieved as I want to be the sort of mother their kids can talk to me no matter what event happens. I hate the thought of "losing" my girls to others because I didn't listen or relate well enough - scares me senseless really. Anyone relate?


Michelle said...

I have been through something similar with Missy Moo this year. Not fun. It can be tough raising girls.

Cherub said...

My eldest girl is still only 6 so I guess the girl issues are to come, but my 10 year old boy is a challenge. Not in a bad way, he is beautiful but is struggling this year. It is so hard to know what to do for the best.

I was once told that only good parents question their parenting skills and abilities and I cling to that.

ss2306 said...

You ARE the sort of mother your girls can talk to. And what you said to her was absolutely beautiful. Speaking from the heart heals all. Big hug to Miss S from me. What a kind, caring friend she is. I would be proud too if she was mine. Actually I am proud of her even though she's not. Can you please tell her I think she is beautiful.

Kerry W said...

Gawd Liz...sounds like my life in another 7 years (when Phil is 10). Think not only you handled it awesomely, but so did your daughter. It's a testament to your loving parental ability no doubt! You should be damned proud with how she handled the situation with such maturity. :)

Jude said...

I have two girls and 1 boy and it is hard to walk that fine line when they are teenagers to keep them talking to you. My youngest is now 14