Friday, June 20, 2008


Am pleased to say that I was able to participate in another RPM class today and was a little bit better than I was on Wednesday. It's actually good checking out other instructor's classes - without "being under the pump" so to speak, you can evaluate their performance and your performance against theirs and take away both good and not so good experiences and hopefully roll the really good bits into your own teaching.

My weakness is definitely during the standing climbs and transition through to the seated position but I'm sure after another few weeks, I will iron this issue out.

On the whole recovery front, the chest is looking fantastic and the tummy is also looking a lot better and less swollen. It does tend to get swollen and hard at night, particularly after exercise, so I am just slipping into my compression garment and drinking plenty of water. The swelling I am sure is contributing to my weight gain. Three days of eating with more focus but no scale joy yet, that will come - failure cannot handle persistence :) I am happy with how the scar is healing.

My shoulder has improved a lot with the physio, but is still causing a bit of grief. My physio feels like there is more going on in there than should be, so I am booked in to see a Sports Doc up here and have also booked an ultrasound.


Shar said...

Hey Liz
You seem to be making a step forward everyday. Two RPM classes in a week is great!
Its great to others classes isn't it, if only I could do it more often, I always sem to be teaching mine! :)
Shar x

RaeC said...

Congratulations on your recovery thus far Liz... you are an inspiration to many people with how you've managed your recovery after a pretty intensive operation. Looking forward to seeing you at the All Females!! xxx

Cherub said...

It sounds like things are moving along nicely for you. I hope the shoulder improves also.


Splice said...

Hi chicky!
I'm so glad you doing RPM again, you must be in your element being able to be involved in the classes already.

I'm glad your healing well despite the swelling that is still coming and going but it will stop eventually.