Friday, June 27, 2008

Training Wheels Clipped On!

Today I participated in RPM today - wasn't my best class - never felt like I had the chance to warm up properly if you get my drift. The most exciting thing is tomorrow - I am teaching my old High Performance Class with Leesa - I am going to do the first 5 tracks and she's going to bring it home. I'm really looking forward to it though I feel pretty rusty right now. Tomorrow morning I will be up bright and early revising my tracks and trying to remember how to teach a class.

I also spent some time organizing my official "one on one" start at Fitness First. Officially I am going to start on the 4th August. The plan is to start work early and finish work early so I can still pick up the girls from school and be a mother. I am looking forward to doing more face to face coaching and am looking forward to doing some Biosignature work with Lisa and Rod ( . I always marvel at how everything really does fall into place when you let it and how things evolve.

Hmm, what else - ready for a big grocery run and food prep Sunday, but apart from that weekend will be pretty quiet. I'm not complaining though, I love nothing more than curling up in my favourite chair with the Sunday papers and a hot cup of tea.

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