Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dreaded Lurgy

Good news and bad for me tonight. Firstly the good - yesterday I managed to teach the first five tracks of RPM on Saturday morning and lasted through the entire Hi Performance class (yay me!). I was having a look at my blog and realized that I attempted my first post operative RPM class only TEN days ago. I've amazed myself by my comeback!

The other good news was that I managed to release quite a bit of shoulder spasm by using our vibrating massage machine on it (no, not THAT sort of vibrator) - my physio reckons that vibration at a certain number of hertz releases muscle spasms - I got stuck into it, then some "muscle mate' manipulation of my teres minor, a heat pack etc. I woke up this morning, tilted my neck and "CRACK!" released everything. I still have a bit to do but the improvement today was dramatic.

The bad news is that I've come down with a horrible cold and I am teaching RPM tomorrow for Leesa - the snotbag rides again! Today has been pretty quiet but tomorrow will be busy fitting in clients, RPM, school holidays and making some Precision Nutrition friendly meals. I've got trout, pecans and steamed veggies listed as one of my meals tomorrow. I always think "trout" has quite an air to it!

Best turn in now for an early night and hopefully will feel better in the morning.


Magda said...

Take care Liz and get better soon.



Michelle said...

Its great to hear that your class went well.

I hope you get over your cold quickly.