Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The RPM Milestone!

I reached a little milestone today - I participated in my first RPM class since before surgery! I was nervous and apprehensive before the class - would I be able to make it through the entire class, and I'm happy to say that I did (just!). I had to modify a few things - my transitions from standing to sitting were a bit nervous, but the best thing was that I was able to whack on a decent amount of load from the get go and even though I could feel my core working it didn't hurt. As I mentioned yesterday, I'm pretty unfit, but it's onward and upwards from here!

I also got a nasty little scale surprise this morning - seems like I have picked up a bit of weight over the past few weeks (2.5kg), so it's time to put that paddle in and start logging my food and being a bit more particular about my eating. The exercise side of things for me remains a huge privilege, so keeping my intake really clean is the best thing - even with plenty of exercise, you simply cannot outtrain an atrocious diet. Sadly the evening indulgence of Lindor balls will be disappearing for awhile.

My scale increase got me thinking about how people cope when they gain weight - some get all or nothing over it and other people pretend that it's not happening. After feeling a bit pissy about it, and formulating a quick plan of attack, I'm rather looking forward to tightening everything up again - perfect opportunity to come back fit and really fabulous!


Irene said...

congratulation on you first RPM class :)

Shannon Condoleon said...

Wahoooooo! The RPM queen is back on the bike. It won't take you long to get your fitness back at all - you will be fit and fab in no time!!

Leighb said...

Well done Liz!! Keep on keeping on - you inspire me!

Antigone said...

Good on you hun :)
Super efforts and great that you got to the end hope you didn't pull up sore or anything.
Hope your having a great week hun :)

ss2306 said...

And "ABSolutely Fabulous" you shall be!! I'm right there beside you friend.

Luv Shelley

Kek said...

I hope you had someone to high-five you after that effort!

Tara said...

wow Liz!! I am so impressed that you are back in the saddle already!! Congrats on doing the whole class. Like the other girls have said, you will be as fit as a fiddle again in no time at all!


Doris's New Beginning! said...


people like you keep me inspired! Again i think I have already told you this but it is good to read.