Thursday, June 05, 2008

Back to Base Day Two

Training today: Spin bike - moderate pace, easy to moderate load 15 minutes.
Walking around Uni of Qld and through Indooroopilly 20minutes.

Training Notes: Enjoyed the bike - felt the beginnings of a small glisten of sweat and felt like I could turn up the resistance further. Toyed with the idea of trying a standing climb but told my inner wild child to calm down a bit. Riding the bike felt really good, my core feels really strong and I almost fell into a trance like state as I got into a steady rhythm. As my physio is at UQ, I had a nice long walk from the Athletics Oval and up to the Biology Refec, which is very different from my University days. I always love being over at the Uni and have hopes of doing my Masters in Exercise Physiology one day.

Injury Update and Notes: Saw my physio, Louise, who seems to think that most of my pain is being referred from my tight thoracic spine and rib cage - a common problem in people with a lordotic posture (me!) - there is inflammation in the shoulder capsule, but we are going to treat the spine and see if the shoulder comes into line. After some pretty heavy joint mobilization, I was getting much better range through both a front raise and a full lateral raise, so I am cautiously optimistic. I may still have an MRI just to be sure.

Feelings: Have been feeling rather despondent about my majorly swollen belly and trying to fend off the "I feel fat" thoughts that have been creeping in. I find the best way of dealing with unhelpful feelings and thoughts is the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy style approach - basically proving the inaccuracy of such thoughts and feelings. In the case of "I feel fat", which we all know is not a feeling, I recommitted to eating well today - in my situation, if I'm eating really well, logic tells me that I cannot be overweight.

Food today: Not logged. Unless I need to do some uphill paddling, I don't log my intake too much these days. There is little point in me counting calories, the focus is on my healing and return to health. I am simply eating what I need to be satisfied and eating what is good for me.

Here's what I ate today:
Oats, Whey protein, tomato juice, 1/2 serve vital greens, skim milk, ice,
2 cups mixed veggies and cottage cheese melted on top
Sumo Salad - Thai Beef and a bite of bread roll
Bio Dynamic Yoghurt with raspberries, 1/2 wheyprotein shake
Mushrooms stuffed with tuna, cottage cheese, balsamic and capsicum finished with Parmesan.
Roasted Lemon Thyme Free Range Chicken
Small quantity of mashed spuds (prepped low fat), 2-3 cups of cauli, broccoli and carrots
2 squares Lindt chocolate.
2 Cups Sydney Breakfast tea with dash of milk

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Java said...

Speaking of sore shoulders. After the heaps of swimming I did last year with uni I've developed buritis. Finally had my steriod injection and it's all better but lately BOTH shoulders are playing up. Should stop picking my 17kg toddler up I think or watch how I sleep, every morning my shoulders are sore??? Very bazarre.